5 on Friday

It's Friday (again, I woke up on Thursday thinking it was Saturday, then figured "it must be Friday"...and then realized it wasn't. So, today feels like Saturday in my brain)...and I'm ready for the weekend!

{1} Bridal Shower #2
My second bridal shower is happening this weekend, and hopefully the weather won't impede! My best friend is coming up from VA Beach this afternoon, and all of my friends from the area, along with my mom, and MG's mom and sister (and her two kids)! I'm excited for MG's family to meet my friends/bridesmaids, and really super excited to see my best friend and have 100% girl time (since MG is going to be on his Bachelor party this weekend). YAY!

{2} About Time
MG and I rented the movie About Time on Wednesday night. I love anything with Rachel McAdams in it, and he's a fan of Love Actually (whose director directed this movie). It had some funny parts and was a fun/different story. I liked the overall moral of the movie at the end which was basically to enjoy the little things in life and don't let those pass you by. I feel like that little reminder came at the perfect time for me as these past two weeks have been really stressful.
{3} Dance Party!
Speaking of stress....I came up with my own stress reducer the other day. Instead of doing Zumba on my Kinect, on my drive home I was searching for some upbeat music to bop to and get my head out of a funk. And in that time I decided that I was going to have a dance party for one when I got home. Not only did I "work out" (kind of), but I had fun, got some endorphins going, and got into a MUCH better mood than I'd been in when I left work. Sometimes you just have to retreat back to your teenage self and have a dance party.

{4} No More Snow!
Not that we've gotten hit hard, and not nearly as hard as further North, but man I'm over the snow/ice/cold/Polar Vortex. It's stressing me out at work, AND it may mess up my bridal shower this weekend. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed on this one, because I don't want everything to get screwed up!

{5} Olympics!
Although the Olympic events have already started, I'm really excited for the opening ceremony. I'm always interested in what the country that's hosting has come up with for the "show." Also, I'm looking forward to the Olympics in general. Growing up, I was a HUGE ice skating fan...my mom and I went to several of the pro competitions when they came to the DC area and I even met Kristi Yamaguchi and got her autograph (big time stuff when you're a little kid). I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the athletes compete, and for Team USA to rock it out!

And now I'm off to reschedule some more parent meetings that were messed up because of the snow days (so I can reduce my work stress a little bit). Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. We watched About Time this week too. SUCH a good movie. Was not expecting that! Xx.

  2. I love a good dance party by myself when I can break out my "best" dance moves. :) Enjoy your shower!

  3. Love that you had a Dance Party!! I do this all the time and with my dogs! Chloe loves to jump around when I dance to music and Sophie has gotten into it too! Some days ya gotta dance!

  4. You've gone to an ice skating competition!? That's so cool!

  5. Woohoo Olympics, best time of year for sure!

    I've been interested in About Time, i'll have to watch it soon.

  6. Yay for the Olympics! And yay for bridal showers! Hope that your second shower is just as lovely as your first one, sweet girl!:)

  7. I'm planning to watch About Time this weekend, so glad to hear it was a good one!! Yay Olympics :D


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