Weekend Bridal Shower

This weekend was my second bridal shower--the first one was in PA with MG's family and this one was in VA with my friends who are down here.

My best friend, Genna, made her way up on Friday--I was SO excited to see her and get to spend quality girl time together since MG was away for the weekend on his bachelor party. It was great to see her, and it was like no time had passed by at all since the last time we were together.

That afternoon/evening we went out shopping for a bit, and then hit up happy hour for some chips/salsa/guac and a couple of beers. Perfect end to the week!
Sadly, both of us showed our age and tiredness levels by falling asleep on the couches at 8:30 for a little over an hour. So, we missed a solid chunk of the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but woke up to catch the last part haha.

Saturday we were up early. Genna had to do some grocery shopping for the bridal shower and my make up person was coming to do my make up trial for the wedding day. The make up turned out really great I think. Everyone complimented me on it at the bridal shower (altho if it was bad, I'm sure people would have said it looked good still anyway). I sent MG a pic and he said: "Wow very pretty. I will live solely to see you again" (the context of living was based on the fact that he and his friends had been out gambling until the early hours of the morning...so he wasn't really feeling like he was capable of being among the living at that time haha).

My other friend/bridesmaid Trish came early to help get everything ready, too.
And, after a whirlwind of getting food and ourselves prepped, MG's sister and mom arrived with two of his nieces. They were all a big help getting things together, too.

And here's where I share the pics that were taken with my phone since I don't have any other ones just yet:
Loved the wine cork letters for our monogram that Genna made herself!
Me and my almost-nieces!
P!nky came to my shower! :)
My bridesmaids, minus MG's other sister and oldest niece
Trishy poo! 
All in all, it was a fab bridal shower! Everything was super pretty and it all went by so fast!
I'll share more pics once I get the rest from MG's sister. But, for now, these will have to do!

Thank you to all of my girls for making it all so special! And a special shout out to Genna for planning and executing it all so well! I'm incredibly lucky to have all of you in my life!
*shout out to my friend Bree who reads my blog--thanks for being the best and helping us afterwards with everything!! Love you all!!!


  1. Looks like a great day - loved the photos!

  2. Wish I could have been there. Love that dress!! Just getting so excited for you!

  3. Your makeup looks awesome!!! Glad you had another perfect shower :)

  4. Those wine cork letters are a great idea and I love your dress!


  5. awww yay! you look so pretty! looks like you had a great day!

  6. Yay for bridal showers! :) That wine monogram is so cute!

  7. WOOHOO! Bridal shower in the books :)! It was a fun time and the wine was super delicious. The cork letters are super cute and will be fun to display in your home. You looked great and your make up was perfect. T-minus two months woopwoop!

  8. It was a great time! And you looked super pretty!

  9. How fun! I can't believe you are just a couple of months out now!!! The time is going to start flying from this point on! Loving that wine cork monogram - how original!!!:)

  10. Love this!!! So exciting...you looked gorg! xx.


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