5 on Friday

It's Friday and I've survived my FIRST FULL week of work since Winter Break without a snow day or delay! (It only took about 2 months....) 
Also, take a moment and realize that tomorrow is MARCH....seriously, where did February go??
Needless to say, I'm definitely ready for the weekend, but before that, let's do some 5 on Friday, shall we?

{1}-Wedding Bands
these are the general look of our rings
They are in! They came in to our jeweler on Monday and we're picking them up next week! They were more than MG we planned on spending (but our jeweler gave us a great deal since he's a parent at the school that I work with), but I'm sure they are going to be awesome, and perfect for a lifetime of wear! I can't wait until we both sport our new bling :)

Today after work MG and I are going to the hotel that we're having our reception at to do our tasting. We already had a sort of tasting before we signed with the venue, and we already know which meals we're having, but now we get to really try them out, and pick out our salad and hors d'ouevres for the cocktail hour! The ones we had at our first tasting were SO good, but now we get to try 9 of them and choose. Needless to say, we'll be pretty stuffed by the end of it all!

{3}-Name Plate
It does not actually say "MG" on my
real name plate, lol
At my school, we have name plates outside/on our doors to offices and classrooms. I never got one last year and this year there was some kind of delay or mishap each time mine was ordered. A couple weeks ago, I let our office manager know that it still hadn't come, so she put in a new order, but we decided it was smart to just do my married name, rather than order one that will be up for a month and then need to be re-ordered. Well, my new name plate arrived on Tuesday. SO weird to see my new last name, and Mrs. in front of it. It's hiding in my desk for now, until after April 12, when it will make its appearance on my office door. Eeek! I showed MG a picture of it, and he thought it was cool to see and then asked if my kids are going to start calling me by my new last name in the middle/end of the year. Truthfully, I'll probably answer to both, especially since I've been "Miss Z" at my school for 2 years now.

MG and I have been thinking about moving into a bigger place than our one bedroom condo for a while now, and recently have been looking at houses, etc. but without a solid idea of what we can actually do, since MG owns our condo. So, we've been talking to some lenders this week to try and get our heads wrapped around what we can afford, next steps, etc. We found out that we actually CAN afford to buy a house in our area, which was SUPER exciting to hear! This is real, big kid stuff. And as stressful as it all is, it's kind of neat to be thinking about buying a house together. OUR first house. Craziness.

MG and I are headed up to Philly this weekend. We realized that with only a few more weekends before the wedding, we probably wouldn't get to see his whole family until the wedding day, so we're making the trek up there after our tasting today. We don't have any set plans but it'll be nice to see everyone, go to some of the nieces' games or whatever else may be on the docket. And get in some puppy play time with MG's parents' dog.

Those are my FIVE this week--what're yours??
Have a great weekend, friends!!


  1. Ah so much excitement!! Can't believe your wedding is only a few months away!!

  2. So many big things happening! So, so exciting! Have a great weekend, Jenn:)

  3. Eeep! Our wedding is only a few months away (July 12!) and it seems like everything is really starting to come together here, too! So exciting for you that it's only 6 weeks away!! :) Congratulations, Jenn!

  4. Congrats on the upcoming wedding and the new house!! That's so exciting and such a BIG year for your all! Glad to be a new follower as well. :) :)


  5. Woohoo wedding stuff.....And yay for MG not minding paying a bit more than expected for em. You'll wear em the rest of your life, so it all works out right ;)!

    Making moves for a move, that's exciting! :)

  6. Exciting stuff girl!! I hope everything is coming together perfectly for your wedding day!! We're saving for a down payment right now but can't wait to start the home buying process!
    Eva Marie Taylor

  7. Tasting + Wedding Bands?!? Sounds like a mighty fine weekend :)! Hooray for the house news and OMG I bet it was surreal seeing your new name and a "Mrs." for your classroom. So awesome. Xx.

  8. Umm sneak some good home for me... and yes seeing the new name is so exciting. I am so excited for you! Houses, oh joy... its fun but so much work, believe.xoxo have fun in Philly!

  9. How crazy that you had delays and closings for 2 months! That is unreal!

  10. Visiting from the link-up! I LOVED going for our reception food tasting. Maybe one of my most favorite parts of wedding planning! Enjoy!

  11. Very exciting stuff! I was so excited when my business cards came in with my new name on them. :)

  12. so many fun things! :) :) :) happy friday! and congrats on all of your good news and exciting plans!

  13. So happy you got good news from the lender!!! Let the house hunting really begin now! Yayyyyy! So many exciting things happening for your guys these days :)


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