Weekend Wrap Up

I'm coming at you from my couch because the DC area is getting some snow (and supposedly some ice) and the schools and government are all shut down. Which means a nice little snow day with my guy and my little fluff ball!

This weekend was another whirlwind!
Friday after work MG and I had our tasting--so we got to see the table set up with the linens we chose, pick out the napkin folds, taste the meals we've already selected, and pick out our salad and hors d'oeuvres. 
A little sneak peek (and the yellow chairs disappear when the lights are dimmed--THANK GOODNESS!! :)
Guys, let me tell you....oh my word was the food GOOD!
I'm typically a chicken or fish girl at weddings, but I tasted the filet, and it was SO good, I'm totally getting it on our wedding day (the chicken is still good, though, but the filet was awesome!)
We also have some really yummy appetizers for our cocktail hour! I hope we have time to enjoy some of them because there are some super yummy options :)

After stuffing ourselves with the delicious food, we headed home to pack up and get on the road up to Philly to visit MG's family. We got there around 10:15 and hung out for a bit, then hit the hay.
We woke up and spent some time being lazy and playing with the dogs (or watching them play with each other):
One of the few calm moments between these two
One of the rooms of the 5 houses we looked at
The rest of Saturday we spent the day with MG's oldest sister and her kids--grabbed some lunch, toured some houses up in their area--to torture ourselves with ALL that we could afford up there (one of which included a basement that had a FULL wine cellar in it--UGH!), and then had a taco night with the family MG's sister's home. It was a lot of fun spending time with all of them....even if some of it involved house torture :)

MG's youngest niece wanted to sleep over at MG's parents house because we were staying there, so she got to spend some extra time with us...my little nugget!

Sunday we found out just how much snow was expected so MG hit the grocery stores up there early with his dad. When the guys got back, MG's dad walked in the door with a cake and flowers for my birthday since they won't get to see me on my actual birthday. So so sweet of him!
MG's middle sister's birthday is actually the day before mine, and she was over at the house before we left, so we got to celebrate our birthdays together with 3 of the kids, our significant others, and MG's parents. It was SO nice of them to think of me, and now I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my kitchen window to look at.

On the drive back, MG and I decided to stop at 3 open houses that were in the same development we'd gone to look at last week. None of them were AS stellar as the one last week, but there was some potential in one of them. We're still on our house hunt tho!

And today will be a lazy day at home--I'm planning on making some strawberry and chocolate chip skinny muffins in a little bit! Yummy!!
Cooper's already been out and enjoyed plowing his face through the snow (so much so that he couldn't see for all of the snow in front of his eyes--that silly dog of mine!)
Hope your weekend was good, and you're warm wherever you are!


  1. Mine like the snow, but ice, no they hate ice. and in Texas, we just get ICE!

  2. How sweet of your soon to be father-in-law...it sounded like an amazing weekend. Now stay warm with the snow and ice! Xx.

  3. Love the setting set up! I love your blog - I'm a new follower!


  4. The house hunt is tough! We will be on the hunt again ourselves when we finally find out where we are heading later this month, so I definitely feel your pain sweet girl!:) So glad that all of your food was yummy - I know your guests will appreciate that!:)

  5. Flowers and a cake for your birthday is super sweet. sounds like a great weekend!


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