Macys=On my s*** list

This is a rant post, so be forewarned. If you're not ready for a rant, hit that little X button at the top of your screen now.

Like so many engaged couples, MG and I are registered at Macy's (and two other places). Macy's has a ton of stuff, there are stores near pretty much everyone, so it seemed like a logical choice.

Well, I'm kind of done with Macy's and if I could move all of our remaining registry items to other registries I would. My frustrations with Macy's have been mounting since the day we went and actually registered and I'm just kind of done with them.

One problem that I have, is that any time I do anything with a registry in the store (be it returning something that someone bought from my registry, or looking up someone else's registry....or purchasing an item from someone's registry that I already have in hand), they have to print out the ENTIRE list of registry items. Pages and pages of paper, so that they can scan the barcode at the bottom of the page? If you can look up a registry by last name, why do you need to print something off EVERY time? Especially if it's just to return something. (Shouldn't that be somehow associated with the return barcode?) Seems like a waste of time, and paper, to me.

Customer service at Macy's BLOWS CHUNKS. I tried calling them yesterday about an item that I received at my bridal shower that looked like it was on special, and I wanted to make sure the person who got it for me didn't get jipped on the "bonus item" (since often times they will just not give it to you unless you ask). Their phone system was impossible to use to get to a human being who could actually help me, and then on their web chat, it took over 25 minutes for me to be transferred to 3 separate people, only to find out that because my item was purchased in store, they couldn't help me.

So then I called my local store, was put on hold for about 10 minutes, only to be told to call another Macy's location. So, I called THAT store, and after 15 more minutes of waiting and hassle I was told that the item that was purchased was on clearance (despite the fact that it is NOT listed as clearance online) and the "bonus" did not apply to the item, despite it being listed as so online. And then she mentioned something about warehouses, etc. What???? So basically, I spent a total of an hour trying to get this figured out, only to get zero help and an answer that made no sense.

I also feel like the same thing happens in the store. I've been there a few times where I've needed help for something and I'm transferred from person to person, and usually with the same end result: wasted time and "sorry, we can't help you."

Let's also point out that Macy's prices are absurdly high. If you look on amazon for the majority of the same items that they sell, even during a Macys "sale"...usually prices are AT LEAST $10 cheaper on Amazon, if not more (and usually it IS more). My Kitchenaid is $529 at Macy's and $399 at Amazon. Same model, color everything.
Why am I going to pay more for the exact same item and crappy customer service?

And, as a small aside since I'm just complaining here, I'm annoyed that it takes me 2-3 times of entering all of my information before I can log into my registry. If I entered my info once, why do I need to enter it AGAIN in order to log in??


I actually went through and transferred items from Macy's to our Amazon registry if it was on there, because I'd rather not give Macy's any extra business or money. You'd think that a national company with tons of wedding registries would have figured their crap out a little better than they have at this point. I wish I could be totally done with them.

Ok, rant over!

Has anyone else who registered with Macy's experienced the same annoyances?


  1. I didn't register at Macy's, its just not big down here. We did Dillard's and Bed Bath & beyond and Williams Sonoma, didn't know Amazon had a registry.

  2. Oh dear. I would be just as pissed as you, if this happened to me. We're registering soon and I'll be sure to avoid Macy's at all costs!

  3. I didn't have any issues with Macy's at all, so I can't really help. That's a bummer that they haven't been helpful. Good think you have Amazon as a back up, isn't it a great place to register :)!?!

  4. Macy's can be infuriating. I bought someone a $200 gift card to there as a wedding present and they charged me TWICE. It took 3 weeks to get the second charge removed and was a nightmare because they kept telling me to call the bank and the bank said that they couldn't do anything.

    We looked into registering with them and started to, but like you said, the prices were so much cheaper in other places. The other thing is that if someone buys an item at full price and it goes on sale and you try to return it, you only get the sale price back towards another gift, so you lose out. We haven't sent out any of our registry info yet, so for now I'm keeping the things we have on there, but all of it are just electronics that we can get elsewhere.

  5. UGH! That stinks! I didn't have any issues with Macy's and our registry, but I have heard from other people that they had! :(

  6. We had a Macy's registry, and were fortunate enough to have never had any problems with it. But, I definitely noticed that the prices were higher on almost everything and just hoped that our guests waited for sales and discounts. So sorry you've been having so much trouble with it!!!

  7. Ugh. This sounds terrible. I hope you never have to deal w them again


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