Snow day!

As you've probably heard on the news, the DC area is getting hit with a pretty good snow storm right now. When I was out with Coop this morning around 7, we probably had about 6"....the snow was half way up his body and at first he was looking at me like "what am I supposed to do?"

Cut to a few minutes later, he was bounding through it like a bunny rabbit. I wish I'd had my phone out with me--it was pretty cute!

All of the schools and the government are shut down in our area, so MG and I are having a snow day together. We had a yummy breakfast (cooked by him) and have been doing some chores around the house including cleaning out some drawers and other things, using our new steamer (so cool!) and now MG is in the process of installing a wall mount for our tv that we got as a shower gift as I type.

I already finished a book I was reading on my Kindle and anticipate starting another one as the day goes on, too. Not to mention the Bravo shows that are waiting to be watched on the DVR.

The down side to the snow day is that my school year is going to get extended at least a day. Which stinks because our last day of school was a Friday. So, now we have to go on a Monday. Blah.
Speaking of school...I wish my district announced snow days like this:

We'll be enjoying our day, (despite having to make it up later) since we are definitely stuck inside for a while until the snow stops coming down and the roads can get cleared off a little bit better. At least MG has 4 wheel drive if we need it.

And, thanks to my bridal shower this past weekend, our wine fridge is fully stocked with wine (and then some!) We are set :)

Oh, and we don't have a shovel. Bahaha. Things could get interesting :)


  1. Yay for day with MG... boo for another day of school... Yay for wine... boo for cabin fever!

  2. Y'all are so productive!!! We (he) cooked breakfast and we have been on the sofa curled up having a breaking bad marathon!! Haha! Enjoy that wine girlfriend! Xx.

  3. hahah we don't have a shovel either! luckily troy knew someone who was out there with a shovel and they helped him dig out my car and his. I hope you're snow day was great!

  4. We have been stuck inside too - but without the wine:( I am getting desperate, lol!


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