5 on Friday

It's Friday!!! AND it's Valentine's Day!
This week was a lot less stressful as I got pretty caught up on meetings, etc. at work from all of the snow days and delays we've been having. And then our snow storm came and I have more time off from work. But, I'm not gonna complain because it's really pretty out and I got my "long weekend" that they took away because of the other snow days anyway. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, school district! :)

Let's get to some 5 on Friday!

{1a}- #TeamTeddy
(I was a little delayed on getting my picture together this morning so pardon the later update with my support of this sweet boy and his family!)

{1b}-Snow Day
Admittedly, it doesn't look THAT bad from this pic
(and it's not REALLY bad right where we are)
MG had the day off yesterday with me, and we took advantage of the together time to snuggle on the couch, watch some tv/movie, clean out some drawers and other things around the condo, and try out our new steamer (which is awesome!) And, my awesome fiance went out and cleaned out my car, and shoveled out to the street for me. Love :)

For my bridal shower, my bridesmaid got white and purple flowers to place around the party room we rented out. Afterwards, we put most of them into a really big vase, and the others into a small vase I had gotten from P!nky for my shower gift. I LOVE having them around the house. It's a small thing that just brightens things up a bit (and I can't believe they look so good, 6 days later!). Plus, these flowers are a reminder of such a fun day, and how awesome my friends are!  
And, maybe we'll be adding another bunch of flowers later today if MG is on his game this Valentine's Day :)
{3}-Enough Said
MG and I watched Enough Said yesterday. I'd been wanting to see it for a while since it came out in theaters, and the snow day presented a good time to watch it. It was actually really cute in parts, made us both laugh, and then had some moments where you could feel the awkwardness happening. I really liked the movie. It was definitely weird seeing Gandolfini in this type of roll, and watching him knowing that he's not here anymore.
They have been annoying me more and more frequently. I live in a condo complex and multiple times a week, I notice a package delivered to our building that has an address that ISN'T our address (I usually take the package to whatever building it was supposed to be delivered to). With wedding presents coming in, and not knowing the ship/arrival dates, it's hard to know if things have come and we haven't gotten them or what when this happens so frequently. Twice now, we've had something say it was delivered and it wasn't there until a day or more later. This summer (July) I had a dress "delivered" from Loft that I never got....until a month ago. January. How hard is it to read a building number and deliver it to the right place? Makes me nervous....

{5}-Bridesmaid Dresses
They are FINALLY in! I can't wait to see them on all of my pretty girls. Well, and just SEE them since I haven't actually seen any dress in the entire color other than through iPhone pictures and a color swatch. (Do I have trust in my almost sister-in-law who found the dresses or what? haha) I'm so excited the dresses are in...another check mark and one step closer to the Big Day!

I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, today, and a great, fun-filled weekend! :)


  1. That's disturbing about the package delivery! You might want to consider changing your shipping address to a friend or relative's that has a more reliable delivery source! (especially with wedding gifts coming in, eek!) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Those flowers are such a bright spot on a snowy, winter day! Love it!:) And how sweet of MG to shovel for you - what a gentleman:)

    Hoping all your packages are getting to you. That is pretty frustrating and annoying, especially considered the quantity and value of some of the gifts you guys are going to be receiving!

    Happy Valentine's Day, sweet Jen! Enjoy your last V-day as a single (well, engaged) woman. Next year, you guys will be a married couple on V-day!!!

  3. I didn't even realize those flowers were the same one from the shower! they've held up pretty well and look really good.
    I'm excited to see the dresses too and starting to feel the stress of time crunch. it's almost time for your wedding girl! omg.

  4. Wahoo for bridesmaid dresses! Need to check on the status of mine so thanks for this helpful reminder ;)! Happy Valentine's Day doll! Xx.

  5. I would be so frustrated about the packages! Hopefully the rest find you in a timely manner.
    I've never heard of Enough Said, I'm going to have to check it out now!
    Have a great weekend :)

  6. So exciting about the bridesmaid dresses, and that you still have those flowers as a cheerful reminder of such a special day :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Thanks for the movie review. I've been wanting to see it. Congrats on those dresses getting here. I know you are excited. Happy Valentine's day!

  8. Girl, I hear you on the snow days! I work for a university in Charlotte, NC and we've been off since Tuesday! Five day weekend for us! Such lovely flowers and YAY for bridesmaids dresses!! I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

    Khala @ The Birdie Bowl

  9. Happy V day! Love those flowers and send a girl a sneak peak of the bridesmaid dresses... just saying...

  10. Congrats on the upcoming big day! Such an exciting time! Especially getting the bridesmaid dresses in. Big deal! :)

  11. Those flowers are super pretty, it's crazy how long some of them live :)!

  12. Jenn--thank you so much for joining and supporting #TeamTeddy!!! What city can I tag your picture in?? thanks again! xoxo Alex


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