The Weekend

This weekend was a good one.

Friday night MG and I had planned on doing a more low-key Valentine's Day since it would be crazy crowded and busy out, so we went to one of our favorite pizza places nearby and had dinner, talked about the past, when we knew we were in love, etc. All the things that make my girly heart go pitter-patter :)

During dinner I had the best idea ever: to go to a restaurant down the street and get key lime martinis for dessert. The restaurant was packed with people waiting to have dinner (and some fun Valentine's Day decorations) but we sidled up to the bar and enjoyed our delicious martinis. So much so, that we ordered another round :)

Saturday was a completely lazy day for us until the late afternoon when we had arranged to tour two townhouses in the area. We've been looking at places in the area to see what we could get for our money because, one day, our one bedroom condo just won't do.
We toured one place that was really spacious, but had some outdated features. We liked it, but knew it wasn't "right" so we headed to the second townhouse.
I wish that we hadn't.

The main floor was fine. Had some updating to do, but nothing horrible. And then we went downstairs. Oh was awful. Picture wood paneled walls, painted a creepy peach color, a huge bed in the corner of this dark room (that only had one teeny tiny window in the upper corner of the room), that looked old and just ew. And then curtains around the bed. OLD curtains.  On a track so they could be opened and closed. And it smelled like an old person's house. It resembled something out of a horrible 70's porn and/or murder movie. (I joked that if we pulled off the panelling and a dead body came out, I wouldn't be surprised.) I will have nightmares about that basement. (And I now know why there were NO pictures of the basement on the website....ughhhhh).

Needless to say, it was not a hit (I can't live in a house, or raise kids in a house, that I'M scared of the basement!).

After laughing (and cringing/shuddering) at how horrible that house was, we went to dinner and then met up with two other couples to go bowling. It was a lot of fun hanging with everyone and laughing at how horrible we all are.

Sunday MG went skiing with a friend and I took advantage of the last day of the weekend to get some reading, work and laundry done. (Book reviews coming at you this week and next!)

And today I'm at work, because this is one of our make-up days for the snow days we had earlier in the year (and usually our Mondays are half days with kids, but today is a full day). Boo work! Adding insult to injury: our coffee maker broke yesterday, and the Keurig at work has no coffee pods. Coffee-less Jenn on an extra long Monday that everyone else has as holiday=mega sad face. Feel sorry for me, a little, please? haha

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend. Look at y'all making home moves!

    The balloons look pretty at the bar too. Happy Monday.

  2. oh I didn't know you're looking to buy! me too. my one bedroom apartment is too small for me! I need a yarn room. seriously.

  3. Martini sound delish! Home buying, oh the joys and woes! try to have a good day at work today, just think one more day of work means that much closer to wedding and summer!

  4. Sounds like a lovely VDay :)
    And I agree, you just cannot live in a house with a scary basement

  5. Those martinis sound so good!!! Laughing at your Townhouse story--we are entering a transition period of life too...and thinking about new living arrangements...100% with you on the scary basement front! I hope you find some coffee today and soon! Xx.

  6. Yum on the martinis! Yuck on the townhouse with the creepy basement. I am just not a basement fan at all. But if we do end up having one, my MAJOR requirement is that it not be creepy in the slightest. As in totally finished with no cement/wooden joists/ loud furnaces/tool rooms (eeeeeek!) And preferably with a door with a lock and bolt into the rest of the house, lol!


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