Weekend Happenings: Gif Style

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what mood you're in, this weekend was pretty low key for me. And you'll be able to tell by the lack of pictures in today's post. #sorrycharlie 
So instead, I'll try and make up for it with some gifs...

Friday I had a super long day at my in-service/training, and got some really disheartening news about the future of special education services in the school systems....I felt really discouraged during and after the meeting, so I got home in kind of a crappy mood.

MG listened to me complain about the various topics, like the good guy that he is (at one point I was so fired up, he goes "you do realize you're yelling at me right now, right?" haha...oopsie!). I probably looked like this...

Later that night, we ended up meeting up with two couple friends for dinner and drinks, which was a nice distraction from the work woes. It was actually a low key night despite going from the restaurant, back to one of the couple's apartments, and not leaving until 1am. No crazy stuff--just sitting around and chatting....
Saturday was a pretty lazy day for me. The weather was finally not super cold which was nice. We had some AC/duct guy come to clean our vents that MG had gotten an Amazon Local deal for. He ended up charging us the full amount and just putting the price MG paid for the coupon towards the total...so really no deal (we'll be contacting Amazon Local to complain since it was all really shady). And the guy also sprayed some chemical stuff into our system/vents that stunk terribly. It's still kinda there, too. Two days later. Ugh.

That night, we went to dinner with my parents since it was my Dad's birthday earlier in the week. It was nice to catch up and sit down to a meal together, since it's been a bit since all 4 of us were together.

We spent the rest of the night watching the Best of Jimmy Fallon...which was my second time seeing it, and it was still just as hilarious. I'm tempted to start recording The Tonight Show nightly once he starts because he's so funny. I later had a dream that night that he came to our condo for dinner......maybe I had a little too much Jimmy Fallon that night...
but can you really have too much Fallon? I don't think so :)

Sunday we ran errands and had lunch with MG's cousin who was in town. It was nice to see her again so soon since we just saw her the other weekend at my PA bridal shower.

MG's friends were having a super bowl party but I have meetings and things to start off this work week and I didn't really feel like starting the week tired and/or hungover and bloated from eating all of the delicious superbowl foods (that I really want to eat, but dont NEED to eat).  So I stayed home and prepped for the week and relaxed. Which was a-okay with me!

So I watched the boringness that was the Superbowl and commercials from the comfort of my own home....
That pretty much wrapped up my weekend....I hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be and more!
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  1. Sounds like you need a glass of wine and girl talk, or a mani/pedi weekend... so wish we lived closer! we were total loser and skipped parties too and just stayed in. We had like 1/2 inch of sleet and decided it was too "dangerous" to drive.

  2. sounds like a good weekend. very smart staying home to be ready for the week!
    Have a great week

  3. Good job staying in and just doing what you wanted to do. :)!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend of chillaxing, which it also sounds like you really needed!

  4. Low key weekends are nice. Sorry about work. Jimmy Fallon special wad wad really funny. I didn't realize he's hilarious. But I'll just wait to watch the clips online I don't think I'll watch the late night sho

  5. Hey - what's going on at work? Email me! You can vent all you like and I'm super curious since I'm sure I'll be back working there someday...

  6. Totally agree with Lynn - sounds like you need a good girls weekend/wine night/mani-pedi. I am in need of that too. Gosh I wish we weren't all spread across the US! We had a low key weekend too, and it was nice. Hoping that things aren't too terrible with your school system. I've been out of the classroom for a couple of years now, so I haven't kept up with what's going on. Is it just with special education or across the board kind of stuff?


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