I'm at an all-day training today so I'm gonna do a little something different than my usual 5 on Friday post.

Currently I'm..... (other than being stuck at a training)....
Feeling: Kinda tired. It's been my first full week (well, minus one 2-hour delay) back at work, and trying to get caught up on everything from the snow days has been stressful. Along with some MAJOR changes happening at my job that I'm not 100% pleased with, adding to the stress. So, maybe my feeling is stressed more than tired...

Reading: When I Found You....I'm over halfway through and it's ok so far. It had good reviews online when I decided to download it, but I'm not wow'ed by it...

Drinking: Cucumber infused water from my new water pitcher/infuser. LOVE. 

Eating: Yummy feta and sun-dried tomato meatloaf from dinner the other night (altho if you're reading this at 8am, I'm not actually eating that right now...that would be gross). Recipe coming at you next week!

Watching: Lots of stuff....a lot of Bravo included. Vanderpump Rules especially had me hooked this week. I can't wait for Monday's season finale!

Missing: Warm weather and quality time with my best friend. Luckily one of those will be remedied next weekend :)

Anticipating: My bridal shower here in VA next weekend. My bestie is coming up for it, and a bunch of my friends will be in attendance. I'm really excited!! :)

Wishing for: Warm weather. And more input at work.

Loving: Well, this list is a long one, but MG is at the top of it. And my Dad whose birthday was on Tuesday (and we'll be celebrating this Saturday at a birthday dinner). It's the weekend, and MG's cousin is in town, so we'll get to see her for a little bit. Also loving all of my friends for being so supportive and thoughtful.

That's it for this week. Wish me luck making it through this training/in-service. I've heard some rumors that we're gonna be required to do a lot of different/more stuff when we do evaluations at school. None too thrilled if it's true. 
At least I have the weekend to look forward to! :)
Happy Friday!


  1. i like the idea of this post. I'm going to have to do this. but you have lots of good things here. hopefully things at work change back to a more reasonable situation!

  2. Life sounds pretty good right now! Bridal showers are so fun. And cannot wait for the meatloaf recipe! I LOVE me some meatloaf. I even have the meatloaf pan...

  3. Vanderpump RULES! Who do you believe Jax or Kristen??? hahaha, this week looks sooo good!
    And yay for another bridal shower, so fun! Enjoy every moment of it!

  4. I hate that things are stressful at school right now. Gosh, that stinks. Teachers (and all school personnel) already have enough on their plates and are spread WAY too thin. Nothing else needs to be added. Hoping they don't put too much on you. In other news, so excited to hear all about your next bridal shower next week. I'm sure it's going to be lovely! Also can't wait to see what happens on Vanderpump Rules. I honestly detest all of those spoiled, self-centered people....BUT at the same time, have to know what happens! I have a feeling Kristen is lying. Jax is too dumb to lie for no reason.

  5. YES YES YES! WE want warm weather, bring on SUMMER! Glad you'll get some bestie and girl time soon. Two very important things! YAY weekend.

  6. That meatloaf sounds good! I can't wait for the recipe!



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