5 on Friday

Can I get a HALLELUJAH that it's Friday???

It's been a busy one, for sure!

{1}-House Buying
If you missed it earlier in the week, MG and I put an offer in on a house on Monday and as of Wednesday, it was accepted and the house is now listed as "pending" on Redfin! We also happened to find out on my birthday that they were accepting our offer. Quite the overwhelming birthday in so many ways, but super exciting at the same time. I seriously can not believe that it's all happening but I can't wait!
We also found out that we live about 2 miles from some friends, and MG found out he's close to a guy that he works with and has become friends with too. All in all, it's looking like a great move!

{2}-Home Inspection
Today, after work, we're having our home inspection done. MG's dad, who has done construction before, has given us a million things to look for, ask, etc. Our fingers are crossed that it all goes smoothly. I'd like to avoid any more bumps in this long and stressful road!

Going straight from my bachelorette last weekend into going to open houses, putting in an offer on a house, and stressing about it....I'm TIRED, people. Straight up tired! I don't think we have anything planned tonight after the home inspection which I'm 100% okay with. One glass of wine and Ill be passed out on the couch in no time! (Heck, maybe without the glass of wine...but let's be real, that's less fun.)

{4}-My birthday
My birthday, as I mentioned, was on Tuesday. I turned the big 31. Honestly with everything surrounding my birthday (my bachelorette, being 1 month out from the wedding...and then the house), it didnt really even FEEL like my birthday. But, MG did make it special by taking me to dinner, and getting me some birthday gifts which was "honeymoon" themed (no, not that...). He got me a swimsuit, a cover-up and a dress for a dinner on our honeymoon. He was really thoughtful about everything, and actually did a really good job, especially picking out the swimsuit--loved it! 

I feel like in times of stress, it's easy to get bogged down by everything swirling around you. Luckily I've been able to separate that out some and be able to see how absolutely blessed I am. I'm starting the next chapter of my life with a man who makes me the happiest that I've ever been (so much so that my friends still comment on it), we are getting a house together that we'll start a family in. I have friends who support and love me, deal with my frantic-ness, celebrate the joys in my life (like all of my buddies who came to the bachelorette party). I have a family who loves me, and am inheriting one that already loves me as their own. I have two sisters-in-law who are the sisters that I've always wanted and never had as an only child. I really could not be any more lucky. Life may be stressful but I know that I am seriously so blessed to have such amazing people and things happening in my life!

Keep your fingers crossed for us that the home inspection goes well!
Happy Friday!!


  1. Such an exciting week, but I can totally see why you're exhausted! Good luck with the inspection. I think that's really last hurdle to get over before it's all yours, so it's great you're getting it out of the way so quickly!

    Enjoy your glass of wine this evening and your sleep this weekend!

  2. Yay for the house! Such an exciting time!


  3. Good luck with the home inspection! Things are moving so quickly, wowyzowy!

    Enjoy going to bed early, I'm sure you'll need the sleep in the coming weeks. Happy Friday!

  4. Keeping fingers crossed for a good inspection! Im here if you need an emergency pep talk! I too need sleep in a major way and wine sounds lovely to induce that. have a good weekend!

  5. Congrats on the house! It'll all be worth it in the end :)

  6. Fingers crossed for an easy home buying process!

  7. Congrats on the home, the pictures look beautiful! Happy belated Birthday too, March is a great month to have a Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new home purchase! Sounds like there is plenty to celebrate this weekend! Cheers!!

  9. Hoping that the home inspection went well! Get some rest this weekend, busy girl! The next couple of weeks will fly by, so be sure to take care of yourself before the big day. So excited for all of the wonderful things happening for you and MG! Have a great weekend!:)

  10. Congrats on the house buying!! Such an exciting time for you :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  11. I can only imagine how tired you are! Just reading this makes me tired. Just remember that you are super blessed to have all these things going on! Good luck with the house!


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