No not dreams like aspirations. Like at night, sleepy time dreams.
I've had some interesting ones lately...

A few weeks ago on a Tuesday night, I went to bed after seeing the beginning of Teen Mom 2 where Kailynn and her now husband were looking at buying a house. That night I had a dream that I wanted the house too and was in a tizzy to get it before Kailynn from Teen Mom got it. Not very nice of me....but I distinctly wanted to beat her out for the house.

I had a dream one night over a month ago that MG's sister and brother-in-law were going on a safari to Africa. They have no plans to go on vacation, and certainly not to Africa....

Then there was a dream I had where I woke up and it was my wedding day....and we had nothing done. I was getting my makeup done, and telling MG to go back to our condo to get things that I'd left in our sunroom, etc. (basically everything for our wedding). Needless to say, I woke up with my heart pounding on that one.

I had a dream that there was an overturned truck that hit a wall in our condo complex and I saw it as I was walking by. And the scene looked nothing like our complex, but somehow I "knew" that it was.

There was a dream 2 weeks ago where MG's friend was staying at our place, and decided to use our new clothes steamer....in the shower. Don't ask me why....

I had a dream a few Monday nights ago that I met Illegally Blonde, and she was not only NOT blond, but looked nothing like herself. But I knew it was her and kept thinking "she looks nothing like how she looks on her blog" (I feel the need to mention that she and I talk...so I'm not having random dreams about random bloggers haha).

I dont know what to credit all of these weirdo dreams to, but they've sure been entertaining me when I wake up and actually remember them.

Tuesday night after we got the great word about our house, MG told me he had a dream that involved us having a hard time getting through an obstacle, but we eventually held hands and made it through. Think that had ANYTHING to do with our house situation??? haha

What have YOU been dreaming about lately? Tell me a weird one so I don't feel so strange haha


  1. As soon as I read the first line, I knew there was going to be a wedding dream included in here somewhere. I had so many of those like 5 months ago. And none of them were good - all super stressful like yours!

    And Kailyn! I'm glad you didn't beat her out for that house. If you had, JC wouldn't have seen her driving near the air force base in Delaware yesterday! Finally! Someone who watches the show that I can share that information with. Haha.

  2. I love that you felt the need to tell everyone we are friend. And this makes me smile. I have some strange dreams, though none about you... yet. But I do have a reoccurring dream where I drive off an overpass and I think I die... but I wake up before I hit so not sure what happens... yeah I know.

  3. Dreams are weird, weird, weird.

  4. Those are some interesting dreams, friend, that's for sure! But wait until you get pregnant one day!!! For some reason, pregnancy is supposed to bring on the really strange dreams. And it did for me. I had one dream that I remember vividly. Caleb was born black (which, is not possible as you know, since B and I are both super fair skinned) with a pastel blue spot right around his eye. Like someone had painted a spot on him. So, so weird! Needless to say, he came out spot-free, lol!!!

  5. I dream vivid dreams when I have a lot going on! Glad you can remember them. I always forget unless I write them down immediately!


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