5 on Friday!

What what!!! It's Fridayyyyy!!!

Ready for some 5?

{1}-Wedding Guests
First of all, why do some people need to be NAGGED to send in their response cards for weddings? Either you want to come, or you don't. And you probably know the answer to that well in advance of the week before the responses are due. Stop making me hound you and send that effer in!!
Secondly, I'm SUPER pumped to have one of my bloggy friends coming to the wedding! She'll be there with my girl, P!nky, too! It means the world to me that she would travel across the U.S. of A. to be there for my big day! Most epic BLATE of all time!!!

{2}-Hatred for Sellers
That might not make sense but hold on, I'll explain. MG and I are in the process of buying a home which means dealing with sellers in a sellers' market. Which basically means, as buyers, you bend over and take it. You pay asking price (or more) and you pay closing costs, you pay for your own washer and dryer in the place (yes, we are...ugh), etc. A friend of mine told me that at one point we would begin to hate the sellers, and that is happening. 
After our home inspection there were minor things that were found, but still needed fixing. One of which was that the fireplace wouldn't ignite. These sellers (who, mind you, are making a KILLING on this house), seem to think that a receipt dated 4 years ago stating that the fireplace was in working condition is sufficient to say it SHOULD be working to this day. Me no think so! Fork up a couple hundred out of the hundreds of thousands that you are making and pay for someone to make sure it works. End of story. Jerks.

Spring is finally here--yesterday was sunshiney and relatively warm (50's...which is warm considering we had snow a few days ago), and this weekend it's supposed to get up into the 70's. BRING IT ON!!! And keep it that way!
I celebrated the beginning of Spring yesterday with a friend and a pitcher of sangria. Perfect start, I think!

{4}-Financial Docs
Ever wonder what it's like to see your entire worth inside of one folder? (It amounts to paperwork that's almost an inch thick). And then imagine signing away all of that information? It's kinda scary. But all well worth it (hopefully) when we get to move into our house, as a married couple! Eeek!

I noticed recently with some semi-older individuals on Facebook that they are posting older pictures and using the hashtag for Throwback Thursday, #TBT. Which is all well and good....except when they do it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday....I wonder what they actually think TBT stands for? Maybe Ill go comment on one of them now and ask...lol

Happy Friday and happy weekend, friends!!


  1. That sangria looks amazing!! And I hear you about the wedding invites - so ridiculous! I have people that never even sent it in at all to mine, even after we asked. So rude!!


  2. Omg. Your sellers! How rude!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed they start working with you. How freaking frustrating!

    And a bloggy friend at your wedding?! How fun! I've contemplated inviting a couple of my bloggy friends, but I wasn't sure if that was weird or not. You may have pushed me over the edge!

    Enjoy the gorgeous weather tomorrow!!

  3. I am so excited to be that friend!! Oh my sellers on my house were awful... but down here it normal to buy all the appliances for your home, even a dishwasher... so crazy, but yes they should fix the fireplace, I mean come on people, its evident that it does not work! Love you bunches and cannot wait to see you soon!

  4. Buying a home is so stressful, it will be so awesome once you own your home though!

    I love that you have blog-friends coming to your wedding, that is just so sweet!! How fun! So glad they could make it!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. That's so awesome! I have some blog friends coming (hopefully!) to our wedding too! As frustrated as you are about your house...I'm glad you posted it. We'll be in the market for a house around this time next year and it's good to be forewarned about that!

  6. Uhh it's so annoying when people don't turn in their response cards. They even already have a stamp on them!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
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  7. Currently in the process of buying.... Let's just say everyone better be right when they say it is ALL worth it in the end!! Good luck!

  8. Boo sellers!! And BOO to ppl not responding to invite, totallllyyyy dreading that! SO rude...it's already pre addressed and stamped too. RUDE.

  9. So sorry about the trouble worth your sellers! So frustrating! Hopefully they will get on the ball and fix the things that need fixin'. And yay for bloggy wedding dates. So wish I could be there, Jenn!


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