Holy Moly it's MARCH! Five on Friday

I said it last Friday and I'll say it again, how in the heck is it March already?? 
Time is REALLY flying!
My 5 this week is gonna be about all of the exciting things I've got going on in March.
 I hope you're ready to see a list, cuz here I go:

1- My birthday is in March! 
March 11th to be exact...(feel free to send presents and cards haha)
I'll be the big 3-1 this year (blah), but let's not talk about that...

2-March 12th is the ONE MONTH mark for the wedding!
One month!!! I can hardly believe it. The next time I turn the calendar page, it will be April, and less than 2 weeks before our wedding day. EEEK!

3-My final dress fittings
Both are in March--the first (today) and last Fridays of the month! Gotta make sure the body is in tip top shape for the wedding dress and the wedding day! Can't believe these are the LAST fittings...

4- My Bachelorette party!
Is this weekend! Myself, my two sisters-in-law to-be, and 8 of my friends are going for an overnight trip to Charlottesville in VA to do a winery tour during the day, and then go to dinner and out at night around the college town (you know, relive the "good old days"....assuming I can make it lol). I'm already preparing myself for having a mean hangover the next morning, which is one of many reasons I'm not going to be responsible for driving down there or back haha. I've been to others' bachelorette parties and I just can't believe that it's finally the one for me!

5-My last bridal shower
I've had two bridal showers--one in PA with MG's family, and one down here in VA with my friends. The last one is at my work--my sweet coworkers are throwing me a little bridal shower here. I have a great school team and friends at my school, so it means a lot that I get to share this special and happy time with them, and that they're throwing me a shower to celebrate!

5b-Marriage License
We'll be getting our marriage license in the next couple of weeks! Talk about really making it all feel REAL! Speaking of...I need to really look into that...haha

On top of all of the exciting things, there's the final payments for all things wedding (photog, flowers, venue, church, etc) which aren't nearly as fun as the other things listed above, but they ARE signs that this whole "getting married" thing is really happening!

That's my 5 (ok, 6...I cheated) this week! Have a great weekend...I'll be busy wining and bachelorette-ing with my friends! :)


  1. Isn't March just the BEST month!? But this year, I think April might give March a run for it's money for you :) So freaking exciting!!! Have so much fun this weekend in Charlottesville! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Woohoo MARCH is a great month for you. Hopefully the weather will be awesome tomorrow.

    Getting the certificate is easy peasy, you just have to take time off work to get to the courthouse. The important part is AFTER the wedding [and honeymoon for you] to register it.

  3. Have so much fun sweet friend! It's your last bachelorette party as a single woman! Wooohoooo!!!:) And it's even better because it's your party this time:)

  4. This is all so insanely exciting!!!! Hooray!!!! I love it! Xx.

  5. Wow this month and next month are going to be awesome for you!!! Happy early birthday!

    Tattered to Taylored

  6. The marriage license was honestly my favorite part. That's what made it legit to me!


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