Quick Weekend Recap

This weekend was a total blur. A super fun-filled one, but a blur! 

Friday I had my second dress fitting which went well, but I'm nervous about the area around my hips being let out a little bit (girl's got bone structure for wide hips...can't lose weight!) so that it looks right. Fingers crossed it'll be taken care of by the next fitting.

Friday night MG's sisters got to our place right before midnight because of some bad traffic on the way down. We made our one bedroom condo into a sleepover central with a futon and an air mattress taking over our living room haha.

Saturday we were all up early to leave for my bachelorette party in Charlottsville, VA. I don't have all of the pictures from the weekend yet so I can't do a full blown recap (that will come), but just know we hit up 3 wineries, drank a lot of vino, and had an absolute blast. I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. And the weather was 100% amazingly beautiful--we totally lucked out!
Here are a few shots:
Me and the sisters before we left
In the van on the way to the first winery with my "Bride To Be" crown on :)
My wonderful bridal party
Enjoying the nice weather outside with some of my girls (some not pictured)
"I like pinching butts"...and did throughout the night, thanks to my 'checklist'
Sunday morning we all grabbed breakfast and made our ways back home in hazes of tiredness. Apparently I was so tired that I somehow agreed to go look at some open houses with MG once I got home. I literally walked in the door, changed, unpacked a little and walked right back out the door.
Luckily I did agree because.....
This is happening. Today.
This house is everything that we've been looking for, is still close to where we live, and is in a cute little community. It's perfect.
There's another offer on the house so, like anything else, we may not get it, but we debated everything for HOURS yesterday and we decided to go for it.
Letting fate take the wheel on this one.

We finished signing the paperwork on everything around 10pm last night, and will hopefully have an answer by tonight or tomorrow morning.
Needless to say, I'm exhausted, excited, nervous, happy...all rolled into one.

Fingers crossed fate knows what it's doing today :)
And on that note, I'm off to try and get myself out of the haze and actually be a productive member of society. And trying not to throw up with the nervous house anticipation lol

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  1. Cannot wait to see all the pictures from your bachelorette trip!! You seriously couldn't have asked for a better weekend to be outside! So glad that worked out for you guys! What wineries did you end up at?

    A HOUSE!!! EEEEEK! Soooooo exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is THE house :)

  2. Oh the pinchy pincher, so glad the list was a hit. You got some nice butts ;)!

    That house is huge, woohoo! Good luck :)!

  3. Good luck with the house! It looks so beautiful!! :)

  4. WEEEE house!! Praying for ya. And so sad I did not get to join in the bachelorette fun...

  5. Soooo excited for you, sweet girl!!! Eeeeeee!!! Can't wait to hear what happens with your offer. Hoping that you'll be getting some good news:)

  6. Saw that your offer was accepted on the house - congrats! And wow 30 days until your wedding... lots happening for ya!

    Thanks for linking up :)


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