One Month Until the Wedding!!!

"HOLY SMOKES!!!" as one of my first grade students said to me yesterday.

It's ONE MONTH until I walk down the aisle and say "I do!"

And, on top of that, OUR OFFER ON THE HOUSE WAS ACCEPTED!!!!!
Let's just say that yesterday was quite possibly the most stressful and exciting birthday that I've ever had!
I'd say this is a pretty freaking awesome b-day gift!!! :)
So, on top of all of this, we still have a wedding happening in 30 days! 
I seriously can't believe that this is already here....and now that to-do list is looking more and more daunting as there's fewer and fewer days to do it all in! (and adding in house-related stuff too!)
Luckily I was able to check one item off of the wedding list the other day since one of my coworkers is able to watch Cooper over the wedding days, so I don't have to worry about boarding him. One thing off of my worry plate!

Here's what's left:

-finish programs

-send out rehearsal/dinner invites

-have final dress fitting

-figure out and order gifts for our parents

-harass the people who havent sent in their response cards yet and submit final numbers to reception site

-finish escort cards (once I'm done harassing people :))

-seating chart (I am NOT looking forward to this)

-get marriage license

-get 2 engagement pictures blown up and printed for guest signatures

-send final payments to florist, church, and limo

-drop off flower vases to florist

-make a wedding day timeline

Man, I feel like there is SO MUCH more left to do than what's on that list...and I'm sure that there are. 
I just hope that there are no more "surprises"....I didn't tell you all about our scare with the honeymoon flights on Friday.

MG got an email from United that said our first flight out of Baltimore's time was changed so that we would miss our connection in Newark. We called, and the agent MG spoke with got us on another airline, put it on hold, and said all we had to do was call up on April 13th to confirm it. He asked several times if this was legit since it's for our honeymoon etc and was assured that it was.

We happened to see that a flight out of DCA was at the same time, which is closer to where we live so we called back to see if we could get on that flight. The agent (and eventually supervisor) that we spoke with told us that what we were told previously was not true and that we would NOT be able to be booked on another airline because we had used our airline miles to book (100K airline miles!!!). So, if we hadn't called back, we would have found out THE NIGHT BEFORE our flights that this wasn't the case.
United was unwilling to do anything to help us, other than book us on a flight the night before to Newark where we will have to stay overnight (and pay for ourselves) so we can catch our original connecting flight. 
Needless to say, it was stressful, and infuriating. I can't handle things like that this close to the wedding so I really hope nothing else huge pops up like that.

Wedding Wednesday


  1. Happy belated birthday!!! Wow that house is huge and so pretty inside! Congrats!! Crazy that the wedding is a month away! Geez! Glad you got that flight stuff figured out! That's nuts!!

  2. Ah!!! You had such an awesome birthday! Congrats on the house!! When do you close?

    And a month away - EEEEEEEEEEK. Try not to stress about what's left to do. What needs to get done will get done and whatever doesn't get done wasn't necessary :)

  3. Wooohoo house, super exciting!

    Hopefully nothing else pops up, but now is the time to prep yourself if it does. You're mantra "It will all work out and be wonderful, no matter what". Now repeat 100X a day ;)!

  4. Congrats on the house! What an awesome birthday present! :)

    And 1 month?!?!! It's 'bout to get crayzay.

  5. Congrats again on the house! I am so excited for the new adventures in your life. Amazing how it all comes together, huh? Now don't worry all the wedding stuff will get done and that house, well you have a lifetime to get it done (cause it will never be done ;)). Love you!

  6. Hi,I just came across your blog through the Wedding Wednesday link-up! That's so exciting that you're getting married in a month. I can't wait until I'm only a month away, but I'm definitely going to be freaking out because I still have sooo much to do. How exciting that you just got a house too. It's beautiful! I used to have a mini poodle too and I'm also a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason." I'm excited to follow along, get to know you better, and hear all about your wedding!

  7. oh man, i'll make sure to avoid United airlines. What terrible customer service. Thank God though that you got it straightened out! Maybe i can meet up with you in Newark the night before if you have to stay over! :)

  8. Yay so exciting. Congrats on the house. Its beautiful. Enjoy the last few weeks of planning even if they are stressful.

  9. Congrats on the house and on being 100 days out! Airlines are ridiculous -- hope it's all able to be worked out in advance!

  10. Congrats on the house! I can't imagine buying a house and having a wedding at the same time. So so stressful! I also can't believe you are 30 days away from getting married! AHH! It's so close.

    You are lucky you called back. That is crazy! Hopefully that is the only bad thing that happens to you guys. So crazy!

    Thanks for linking up!

  11. SO, so happy for you and MG! Definitely the best birthday present ever:) And so, so glad you guys were able to figure out the flights before the night before. That would have been a nightmare for sure. Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here on out. One month to go!!!:)

  12. Oh my what a headache about your flights, but thank goodness you resolved it now instead of the night before! Yikes!

    And CONGRATS on your house! That's so wonderful - great way to start the marriage!!! Happy 1 month!

  13. So close and hate to say it, but it will fly by!

  14. Happy Birthday and Congrats!!!! SO exciting. A wedding, a new house. . . enjoy the next month. You'll get it all done and it will be wonderful!

  15. These days you can't count on flights at all! So annoying. I hope y'all don't have anymore trouble.

  16. Umm, United sounds so annoying. I'll try never to book flights on them - should be easy, since we're in Canada.

    Your list seems so short...because I am just getting started with all of the planning! Eek. I'm sure you'll be fine & everything will be great :D


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