Guest Post {Tales from Trish}: 4.21.14

Hey Gals!

I'm Patricia from Tales from Trish  and while Jenn is coming back to reality after an AWESOME wedding and an incredible honeymoon - I'm here to share with you some pics from the 4.12.14 nuptials and par-tay.

First - I have to say this (and I know everyone says/thinks this but since it's coming from me it's really true): Jenn made THE MOST beautiful bride.  She looked absolutely gorgeous - the hair, the make-up, the dress = perfection!
First we started with the wedding rehearsal and dinner. Great mingling time to meet the groomsmen, family, bridesmaids and friends.
The bride even showed up in a cute white dress as practice (while 4 out of 5 of the bridemaids randomly (and unplanned) showed up in black. weird right?! LOL).
The Bride & I.

Bride & Dad - Love this pic! Mr. Bride's Dad looks so handsome!
The after rehearsal - after dinner - Bud Light shot! Mr & Mrs sure know how to party!
In case anyone gets confused - THIS is the bride :)
The excitement was terrific! It all felt so much more real when Jenn stepped in and zipped up her dress:

 I didn't get too many shots at the church (because I was busy being a bridesmaid in all) but I did get to snap this one:

The weather was PERFECT. The sun was shining, bird singing and overall a very happy weather day!

My favorite part of the whole thing: CAKE!

After the ceremony and after the cocktail hour (which the bride and groom was awesome enough to have a little cocktail hour set up for the bridal party since we missed a lot of it taking photos) there was lots of eating (the steak was so good), lots of wine drinking, lots of laughing, dancing, photo boothing and just overall fun. I'm STILL sore and my feet STILL hurt but it's so worth it!
3/5 bridesmaids

One last image to leave you with today - True Love:

Congrats to the beautiful couple!
Up next: some beautiful blue eyed babies! Woot!



  1. Such sweet pictures! Thank you for sharing. Jenn looked gorgeous!

  2. So excited that we could see some wedding photos so soon :)

  3. Wow. She look phenomenal!! Thanks for this update!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. awwww love it! thanks for giving us the sneak peek! You all look great!

  5. I loved this - so lovely to "see" the wedding through your eyes - thanks!


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