New Home, New Ideas....

Since tomorrow is Closing Day on our new home (altho we won't be moving in for another month), I've obviously been pinning my little heart away with all kinds of ideas of things for the new house.

Much like a wedding, things that look easy, cheap and DIY turn out to be hard, expensive and you need a handyman. But, for now I can dream and at least get some ideas in hand for some of the things we'd like to do/change/upgrade once we move into our new home.
For instance....
A cute table for the entry way. Maybe not quite this rustic (or this neon green), but something small-ish and serves the purpose of decoration and function when you walk in:

Although I know we won't have a front loader washer (heard nightmares about moldy mildew smells), we would definitely have space in our laundry room to do something like this. Maybe with washer and dryer to one side, and a "table" or surface on the other to fold clothes, etc. And lots of shelves and places to hang things. This is a definite:

 I love the colors in this bathroom...and how it works so well with light or dark wood. I would definitely consider doing a color like this in the guest bathroom (and probably some other rooms in the house as well since it's a great neutral color)

 This one is more on the "wishful thinking" and "maybe someday" list. Since most of our projects will be what we NEED, not what we WANT, a coffee "bar" is probably on the low end of the list, but I still think it would be cute to have in the house:

We have enough space for a guest room (that would have it's own full bathroom), and I'm definitely looking at ideas for that. We'll probably get an IKEA bedframe (once we get an extra mattress) and put together a cozy place for our guests to sleep. I love the bedspread in this photo:

 Once we get our guest room and guest bathroom set up, I'd LOVE to do something like this so that whenever we have people come over, they have everything that they might need, right at their fingertips:

 I'd prefer a lighter wall color, but I LOVE the rug in this room and am definitely going to be looking for something like this for either our bedroom, living room, or maybe even both!

 And, of course, a pretty gallery wall to display some of our favorite pictures, in general, and from the wedding. We received a super thoughtful gift from MG's brother-in-law's sister where she framed our invitation in a frame that matched the colors in our invitation. I can't wait to display that, along with the wine cork monogram letters that my best friend made for my bridal shower. This would be the perfect spot!

There you have it! Just a few of the things that I hope to get done in our new home. If you look at my Pinterest board "For the Home" (where all of these pics/pins were from) you'll see a TON more of my ideas and wishful thoughts :)

I'm sure I'll have even more when we go on our walk-through of the house today, before we close TOMORROW! Eeeep!


  1. Closing tomorrow! How exciting!! I loooove that laundry room. One day I will have a laundry room that does not double as our living room basement. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Oh home decor! I had grand ideas when I bought my house and now I am doing ti again with J's home. But Love the gallery wall, this is what I hope to do in our hallway. Cannot wait to come and visit and stay in the guest room!

  3. My parents have a front loading washer/dryer and they are bombdotcom [so big]. We've never had any issues with either of them smelling, but we constantly keep the door open in between washes. That laundry room would be awesome with either kind of w/d set up though.

  4. I just pinned the coffee bar!! We have decided to look for wood and start making one. It will be slightly different as we have so many other things in our tiny kitchen. Will let you know if we do make a coffee bar!

  5. Make sure your leave the washer door open after a wash cycle. It helds eliminate mold and mildew. We have a toploader. I've also heard horrow stories of nasty smells and mold from frontloaders.
    I LOVE that basket for the guest bath. Decorating is a lot of fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that laundry room! We really need some organization in ours! I'll have to check out your pinboard. :)

  7. If you aren't buying an Ikea mattress, I recommend just buying an actual metal bed frame like this:

    Obviously this one is C&B so it's more pricey but we paid $50 for one at Big Lots and it's perfect. Since it's metal, you'll have it forever and won't run the risk of it falling apart like an Ikea one will. (I've had two Ikea bed frames snap under me so I try to stay away from them!)

  8. Those are some great finds! We closed on our home almost exactly a year ago, there is no better feeling (almost :)) Congratulations!

  9. Front loaders are fine as long as you know how to clean them correctly :) We've had them for two years without problems.

  10. Loving the laundry room and coffee bar ideas (even though I don't drink coffee - lol!) I know you guys will have so much fun decorating the new place. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  11. I forgot to say "good luck at closing!" whoops. hope it went well (and smooth)!

  12. Oh that's a nice guest room you're preparing for me to come stay with you!

  13. Love all the ideas!!! Minus the coffee bar, because I don't drink coffee, but it's cute!! Can't wait to see pics of the new ace!!

  14. I love that laundry room and the guest bathroom soap display!! I've got a bunch of stuff for a gallery wall, but I just haven't hung anything yet...

  15. I’ve had a front loader for thirty years, without smells or mildew because the key is to keep the door open. Like you I’m decorating a new house, we’re downgrading now kids are in university. I just stole the ‘Ikea’ look because it’s simple and affordable. I admire your energy and wish I had it. Maybe I will be creative in my laundry room!

    Rebbeca Becnel @ Akii Kollections


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