Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsal/Dinner

I'm slowly but surely getting all of the pictures and videos from our wedding and rehearsal and the dinner together. Luckily, a trip to PA lent itself to a lot of pictures and videos from the rehearsal so that's what I'm gonna share with you all today!
After getting our nails done and having lunch with my girls, we headed back to the hotel to check in and then get ready for the rehearsal and the dinner.

Having the rehearsal at the church REALLY made it all feel real to me (although, to be honest, there's an element of it all being surreal, even when you're walking down the aisle).
My dad looked extra sharp in his new suit:

We ran through the ceremony, and our niece Amanda practiced singing her song. And then I proceeded to bawl my eyes out. She just stood up there, singing her little heart out, and laughing at me while I cried haha.
My love :)
My ladies :)
The guys, with one stand-in girlfriend as a groomsman 
They had a bit of an interesting time figuring out how to lock arms  
The flower girls definitely had a good time :)
After the rehearsal, we all loaded up into our cars to head to dinner at Clyde's. Silly me was getting into the car, and trying not to show my lady parts...add in a car that's parked on a slant...and you get a crushed hand in the door. Luckily it wasn't my left hand, and someone had a drink in the car with ice that I shoved my hand into. The swelling went down and the bruise wasn't too noticeable. Phew! (Something always HAS to go wrong, doesn't it?)

The room we had reserved at Clyde's was perfect! We had time to mingle and talk with our wedding party, family and friends and the appetizers were super yummy! 
We sat down to eat dinner, and soon after that, the speeches started.

MG got up and thanked our family and friends for coming, and then thanked me for all of the planning and work I'd done to make it all happen (his words, not mine). And then said how we had talked and thought it was crazy that this is the one time in our lives that all of our friends and family will be in one place. It'll probably never happen again. And there's something really special about that.
Then MG's sisters got up to start their speech. They had arranged for each member of our families to share a word of wisdom from Winnie the Pooh. Cue: me crying again.

MG and I handed out our bridal party gifts, which everyone seemed to love, and we all eventually made our way back to the hotel. It was supposed to be a kinda low-key night at the hotel bar with the friends and family who were already in town, but turned into a party in MG's hotel room lol.
yes, I made this face a lot before the shame in my game :)
My girlfriends and I stayed for a little while and then made our way back up to my hotel room so that we could get some rest before the big day!
("some rest" ended up being me sleeping until 5am and then being WIDE awake)

I think my next post is gonna fast forward to the ceremony because I just can't wait much longer to share it :)


  1. Rehearsal dinner at Clyde's!? How awesome!! So sweet of MG to point out all your hard work! I'm sure it was an awesome feeling knowing that didn't go unnoticed! And isn't it always the nights that are supposed to be low key that turn into the wildest?

    Happy Closing Day!!!

  2. So pretty! Such a fun and exciting weekend it was!

  3. I didnt really think of it, but your right about having everyone in one place! i slept so good the night before my wedding, thankfully so I was us for two days straight after that!

  4. One of the best times in all the wedding craziness... just spending time with friends and family. I love the dress... it really suits you. You look awesome!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Awe, this post just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Lovely.

  6. What a fun night! And I love your dress!

  7. Looks like so much fun! Good idea having someone get some photos of the actual rehearsal! I need to have someone do that! Xo, found your blog through Meredith and so glad I did!

    Showered With Design

  8. Love all these pictures!! Looks like such a fun wedding already :)

  9. Awww what a sweet fun rehearsal dinner! Love you dress!

  10. Your dress was perfect! Looks like you guys had such a good time:) Such wonderful memories - you will love looking back at these pictures one day!

  11. Aww this post gave me goosebumps reading it. Your dress looks great and it really is such a special time to be in the same room with all of your loved ones. :)


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