Some of MG's friends suck....

And unfortunately, one of them is in our wedding party.
This story is two parts so let's start with 

We'll call him A.

About a month into dating, MG and I were out with a group of his friends--"A" was among them. Everyone was joking with everyone else and I said something light hearted and jokingly to "A" and he came back at me with "Unlike you, I'll still be around in 2 weeks".
And thus, this was one of my first impressions of this guy.

Cut to more recently...

MG and I have kept the house-buying under wraps from most of his friends, except for "A" who had bought a house in the last year, and MG works with. We also told our other friend Emily because we used her realtor and lender, but we asked both of them to keep it quiet until we were sure things were going to go through.
Before going out with the group two Saturdays ago, Emily had texted me to make sure she was still supposed to "play dumb" and I told her that the only person who knew was "A", and to still keep it under wraps.

Then, last Wednesday when "A" and MG talked at work, "A" says to MG "I don't know why it was such a big deal to keep this quiet. Emily was running her mouth telling everyone about you guys buying the house." This didn't add up to me, and didn't sound like Emily.
So, after work I texted her and said "I heard you spilled the beans on the house?" and she goes "What?? What are you talking about? I didn't say anything to anyone except for A"
Cue, light bulbs going off in my head. And now I know what happened.

"A" found out or knew that Emily knew, so he took it upon himself to tell everyone OUR good news. And then decided that it was a good idea to lie about it and throw Emily under the bus for what HE did (ironically enough, without ever actually being confronted about it...he just went to MG and told him the lie about Emily).

Well, my friend who was out that night with everyone, that I met up with last Saturday confirmed that it was "A "who told everyone. He went up to them and said "Don't say anything, but...." and then shared our good, exciting news.
Guess who we won't be telling ahead of time if/when we are pregnant.

Last weekend MG's friends were all at a bachelor party for one of their friends. MG obviously couldn't go since he was overseas for work, and had told them beforehand.

Before he left, he also filled out a NCAA bracket with his friends (like normal people do) and Paypal'ed the money to his one friend. Apparently he put in the note something related to NCAA so the friend who he was paying got a notification that his account was flagged.

Saturday, MG who is overseas, gets an email from the guy he sent the money to saying that he got a notice from his job about illegal gambling and that he was in trouble, and that MG should expect to be contacted on Monday from his job as well. MG works for the government so this is a big deal.
He gets this news and is 6 hours ahead (night time) and unable to get in touch with the guy, so he's frantically texting me, and asking me to get in touch with him. I eventually am able to send him a text letting him know to contact MG and to check his email because MG was trying to get in touch with him. 

An hour and a half later, I get a text back from the guy "Oh dont worry, we are just messing with him since he's not at the bachelor party".
Oh really?? Since when is it OK to mess with someone's job? Or make someone THINK that their job is in jeopardy?

I get another text later saying "I emailed MG and let him know it's not a big deal"....oh...its not? TO WHO? To you, who knew about this horrible 'joke'? Or to MG who is overseas, freaking out about being in trouble for something at work? Gee...

To add insult to injury, MG's friend 'A' works with MG and KNOWS what a big deal this could have been. And at no point did he tell the group "this isn't a good's not a good joke, let's do something else". Not once.
And you say MG is your best friend???

Well, with friends like these, let's just say, I don't need enemies. 
So thats the story of why some of MG's friends really just plain old suck.

And no, this is NOT an April fool's joke. I really wish that it was....
(and yes, this is the same friend group that houses the wedding drama couple who asked us to change our wedding date, colors, invitations, etc etc etc)


  1. Ummm. What an ass. This guy reminds me of someone JC used to be friends with - someone who thinks that just because they have a no care attitude about things, everyone else should too and if you don't, you're the jerk. Ugh. I'm so sorry you guys are having to deal with this idiot. I hope you can avoid him at all costs once the wedding's over.

  2. The song might not perfectly go with the situation, but chorus does! SING IT KELLY! :)

  3. Seriously. What a-holes. This kind of stress is the last thing you and MG need right before the wedding. Getting married and buying a house is enough stress in itself. At least you've learned who some of your real friends are and aren't through this process. Hoping you don't have to deal with anymore bs from these guys for the next week and a half!!!:)

  4. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all this drama right before your wedding!! This guy A sounds like a petty 14 year old girl. Ughhhhh.... :(

  5. MG really really needs new friends ASAP! LOL

  6. Oh girl...think of it as a challenge and try not to let it bother you. People are rude and I hate that he is a part of your wedding party...but don't let him see you sweat! Xx.

  7. WOW! "A" is such a jerk! So sorry you have to deal with this drama with the wedding right around the corner!! Hope couldn't have said it better! Good luck- you'll get through it!

  8. I think you guys really need a new group of friends. A sounds like a complete douche and I already loathe that other couple for what they did to you. I would love to live back in Virginia/NorVa, but this is the kind of crap I remember seeing up that way. It's funny how big cities tend to be this way. I'm sorry girl. I think you should poor something over A's head at the wedding. Or at least try to throw in "Unlike you, I'll still be around in two weeks comment at him after you are married. And please get it on video, haha.


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