Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Plans

Ok, it's TEN days until Wedding Day!
Am I panicked? uhh...slightly. 
Am I ready? uhhh...slightly.

So, instead of panicking and freaking out, I thought I'd share our honeymoon at least I can look at these pics and pretend that I'm there already, relaxing!
We are going to Sandals in Antigua, staying on the Mediterranean side (we've heard it's amazing) and going to be enjoying things like....
MG and I are there, making friends with people while ordering drinks in the pool.
Can you see us? haha
the bathrooms in the room. To die!

I can't wait to be laying on that beach, frolicking in that water...soaking up the sun!
We've got a dolphin swim, a catamaran trip and a massage planned for some of the days while we're there. The rest of the time will be lounging, relaxing, and reveling in being husband and wife :)

Just looking at that picture calms me down...I might need to set that as my screen saver at work! haha


  1. Eeeeek! This looks amazingggg. My parents have gone to a handful of Sandals resorts and LOVE them. You guys are going to have so much fun and totally deserve it!!

    Single digits tomorrow!!

  2. That is going to be amazing! Perfect place to unwind after the wedding craziness! :)

  3. No wonder you are so excited! That place is gorgeous (and I'm not just talking about the bathroom)! Anything to keep the wedding stress away is probably a good idea, and just think in a few weeks you can replace your screen saver with a picture you actually took there!

  4. My brother and sister-in-law have gone to almost every beach destination you can think of and they consistently say that Antigua is their favorite! You're going to have so much fun and it will be here before you know it!!! Love you lady:)

  5. Ahhh!!! So so excited for you! We went to Sandals Antigua for ours in October! Absolutely amazing. We loved Marios, the restuarant. You have to try their breakfast buffet and at dinner, you must get the molten lava cake! I could go on for days about how absolutely amazing this trip was! Hope you have so much fun!

  6. I like this post! And I love your blog! Followed you here and on Bloglovin as well. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back. :)


  7. Well that looks like a little slice of heaven! Hope you are having a wonderful wedding week!!

  8. Sandals is the way to go! Everything included? Yes please. And I have a screensaver from our Sandals resort (ocho rios) on my phone too!

  9. This looks STUNNING! My fiance has taken it upon himself to plan the honeymoon & he wants it to be a surprise but I'm definitely going to have to hint towards him into looking into Antigua! You are going to have the BEST time!

  10. Woohoo! Warm and sunny days awaityou soon.

  11. We honeymooned with Sandals in St Lucia and it was WONDERFUL!!! You will love every minute! If they do the private dinner on the beach I recommend it!

    My advice: try all the food and drinks, make friends, RELAX and just enjoy your time with your new husband :)

  12. Ahhhh. I'll have to pin this post because we'll be planning our honeymoons in a couple of weeks for the fall of 2015 after we get married! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Take lots of pictures and have fun!! :)

  13. Looks amazing! Y'all will have a blast! If possible, get your massage early on in your trip incase you get a sunburn! Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.... :)

  14. Okay, so when you get back from this, I'm going to need a really good recap so that I can talk Will into it! He wants to go on another cruise (which I'm always down for), but I think something like this would be awesome too. Make sure you emphasize the free booze! Haha


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