5 on Friday

I love a short work week, don't you? Sure, it throws off my schedule, but it's one more day to enjoy the weekend, and one less day of work.
And voila, hello Friday!

{1}- Birthday Shout Out
One of my besties, Trish, is having a birthday TODAY (and celebrating tomorrow), and I wanted to take my number one spot and wish her the happiest of birthdays! So glad we got randomly placed together as roommates in college and have stayed friends for so long! Love you so so much, gurrrrrrl!! And your soft pillows lol

{2}-Move out/Move in
Saturday is the official move-out date for the tenants in our house (altho they've already moved everything out as of yesterday). Tomorrow is our walk through with them, and the deliveries of our new mattress and washer/dryer. Along with whatever other things we can pack into the car and cart over. Although the official move isn't until next weekend, it's so so so so exciting to be moving into our first place, that we bought together.

{3}-Girls' Night(s)
Last night I went out to dinner with a girlfriend of mine (who used to live around the corner from MG and I, and now lives around the corner from where our new place is), since we haven't gotten together in a little while. Super fun times, as always--so glad she's gonna be close again when we move in a week! And then...tonight is girls' night! I'm getting together for a good old fashioned girls night with two friends and I couldn't be more excited (they're great girls, not to mention it gives me a break from packing and moving haha)! We're doing dinner and drinks, and no boys allowed! It'll be the perfect end to the week and I'm pumped :)

{4}-Home Depot Debacle
Remember how I told you that we bought a grill last weekend? We had them assemble it, and were waiting for them to call us to schedule a delivery date/time. When they asked us at the register if we wanted someone to be home for delivery or if it was ok to leave it "on the curb" we said someone needed to be home.
So imagine our surprise when I get a text Wednesday night from the renters in our house saying that a nice new grill was left OUTSIDE their place that night. Did we ever get a phone call to arrange delivery? Nope! Did we ever get a message saying "we are coming this day/time"? NOPE! Thank goodness our new house is in a safe neighborhood and it wasn't stolen. I'm tempted to call Home Depot and ask them where our grill is, and when it's being delivered...

{5}- Maya Angelou
I was so sad to hear of the passing of Maya Angelou earlier this week. What a truly inspirational, kind, intelligent woman. She provided the world with such a powerful story, along with her heartfelt and strong messages. The world truly lost a beautiful soul this week.

Have a good weekend!!


  1. Aww! Thanks for the birthday love! A random placement has turned into a life long friendship! Love ya!

  2. Thank last picture - ell oh ell!

    So exciting for you guys to move! Enjoy girl's night!

  3. i would definitely call Home Depot and at least complain! So annoying. And whoo hoo for Girl's Night!

  4. at least no one stole your grill? ! that would make me super nervous

  5. That's kind of scary about the grill being delivered when you weren't around! Good thing nothing happened to it!

  6. Oh wow! I'm so glad the grill was still there! You should see if you can get a discount for a future purpose just for the bad business of it!


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