MDW recap

Boy do I loooooove long weekends! I feel fully recharged and accomplished after this MDW.

Friday night MG and I went out to dinner and tried out a local restaurant nearby that we'd seen but hadn't been to yet. Unfortunately, it was a total letdown as the food wasn't very good (how do you mess up a Ceasar salad??), despite the good service.

After our disappointing dinner we spent the night in, watched a movie and relaxed.

Saturday we went out to hit all of the Memorial Day sales and get things for the new house. We purchased a washer/dryer from Best Buy, a new mattress (along with the most comfy pillows ever) from Sleepys, and MG bought a grill from Home Depot. Now, when we officially move in, we'll have everything that we need, and a place for guests to sleep! After our massive shopping spree, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went to play tennis together at the courts by our condo. It was fun getting back into the swing of tennis (pun not intended, but it totally works haha), and getting in a little exercise while we were at it. Around mid afternoon we headed to MG's work cookout. It was really nice to finally put some faces with the names that I've heard about since MG moved offices back in January. Not to mention the house that we went to was INSANELY nice. 

Sunday we did a huge load of packing, cleaning, etc around the condo. We had plans to go to the pool, but we got so in the groove of everything that by the time we'd considered going, it was time to get ready to head to dinner with my parents.
We drove to Maryland and had dinner at Clyde's with my parents--my dad looked really good (even MG commented on it), so that made me happy. The food was good, we talked about the upcoming move, etc and just had a nice little family dinner together :)

That night we met up with another couple and had drinks in Arlington. 
We first stopped by this rooftop bar, since the weather was insane, but quickly realized that we were too old, and not drunk enough to be there (since the rooftop had been open since noon, and it appeared that by 8pm, everyone had been there since it opened). We stopped by Cava (where we had our first date, and then took a couple of wedding pics) where I tried their new-ish spicy mango drink. It was tasty but wooooo-weee it was spicy! And then we made our way to Circa where we were able to sit outside, talk with our friends (and actually hear them) and enjoy the night.

Monday I made lemon cake-mix cookies to bring to the current renters who are in our house and moving out this week. We were coming by to drop off a few boxes (and the deck chairs) and since the husband is in the air force, and they have two super sweet girls, I thought it would be nice to bring them a treat this weekend. The lemon cake-mix cookies were SO yummy (and pretty easy to make). Recipe will be coming at you soon!

The family is definitely in the throws of packing and preparing for their move, but it's making us both that much more excited that come this weekend, the new things we bought will be delivered, and the house will be ours!

Our renters are seriously SO sweet. Not only did the husband help us carry in some boxes (despite us telling him he really didn't have to), they invited us out on the deck for a little bit, so we spent time hanging with them and the sweet girls (who were VERY big fans of the lemon cookies haha).

After that, we made our way back home, and FINALLY hit the pool for a little bit. It felt good to soak up the sunshine, read my Kindle (I finished another book) and relax. 
After making dinner together (which was delicious), we relaxed on the couch.
It was honestly the best weekend with a mix of productivity, fun stuff, relaxation and excitement :)

I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was great, too!

I know I said it on Friday, but I'll say it again. Thank you to all of our veterans and service men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis in order to protect our rights and freedoms! 


  1. Busy bee! Moving is just a mess, but I am glad you finally got some pool time.

  2. That sounds like a great weekend! We played some tennis too! Glad your dad is looking and feeling good! That's one thing I miss about apartment living... the pool!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome long weekend!!

  4. So glad you guys had a good weekend, and were able to get a lot accomplished! Loving that your dad looked good - I know that made you so happy:) And LOVING that you made cookies for that sweet family. Such a nice gesture, Jenn. I know they appreciated it. And they looked yummy!:)

  5. sounds like a good weekend! I want those cookies like now. lol. I can't handle a spicy margarita. I'm a baby

  6. mmm those cookies look tasty! sounds like a good weekend. I'm jealous of the pool! I wanted to go but too sick! blah. I have to make up for that this weekend.


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