5 on Friday

Another Friday means another 5....ready?
{1}-One Year Ago...
On Sunday, it will be a year since MG and I went away for the weekend, spent the day in Philadelphia, and ended the day as an engaged couple. I can't believe it was only a year ago, and now we're married, about to move into our first house that we bought as a married couple...They say "what a difference a year can make" but I wouldn't say my life is that different, it's just getting better :)

{2}-Back to Cookin'
Ok, I never actually stopped cooking, but there's been a period now that I haven't been making anything NEW. That changed this week with a new dinner meal (spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken breast)  and a new lunch option (avocado egg salad). Recipes comin' at ya soon!

{3}-Michael Jackson XM Station
This week I discovered that there's an entire station on XM radio dedicated to Michael Jackson songs and I couldn't be happier. Whenever I'm getting tired of the songs they play every day, and need something old school, or something to put me in a good mood, I flip over to the station (XM50, if you're interested) and jam out to some MJ songs. It's the best! I've definitely been that girl this week, bopping and car-dancing....if you see me, just wave :)

{4}-Sweet Gift
On Wednesday this week at work, I went into the office after a morning meeting and checked my mailbox like any other day. And there was a nice little gift bag and card waiting for me. So I opened it and found that my incredibly kind coworker (who we went out with last Friday and is moving into our condo soon), had left me a super sweet card about how she's happy to be getting to know MG and I, and is excited that my new office is closer to her in the building. She also included some chocolates and a Starbucks gift card! It literally made my day--so sweet and thoughtful of her, and I'm really glad to be making another good friend at work. It's definitely true--it's the small things that make your days brighter. I'll have to return the nice favor soon :)

{5}-Memorial Day
At long last, it's a long weekend that will be filled with pool time (woohoo!), BBQ's, and family and friend time (and some packing...boo).
But, in between all of those fun activities, don't forget to take a moment and give some thanks to those who have given their lives for our freedom. My dad, uncle and grandfather were/are all veterans and I have the utmost of respect for anyone who signs up to serve our country so that we can have the freedoms that we do.
Thank you, veterans and families, for your sacrifice!

And I need to give a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my girl, Bree, on Sunday!!! Love you!!

Happy Friday, loves!


  1. Um, avocado egg salad? YUM! Definitely looking forward to that recipe:) Enjoy the packing this weekend - we will be hitting it hard too:)

  2. LOVE that picture of your husband proposing! So sweet that the moment was captured!! And I agree with Jessica, can't wait for that avocado egg salad recipe - yum! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. I can't believe so much has happened in a year! wow. time flies. avocado egg salad - sounds scary! lol


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