What are you doing?

I saw this on Samantha's blog earlier this week, and couldn't resist the urge to participate, too!

What Are You Doing???

Making: a to-do list of all the things meetings I need to schedule before the end of the school year. 

Cooking: shrimp scampi in my Ninja (tonight...not right now)

Drinking: lemon infused water--yum!

Reading: Unwanted Stars....started it on the honeymoon and it's been slow-going since leaving paradise

Wanting: enough money to do/buy everything to make our new home fabulous!

Looking: at my computer (duh)

Playing: Words with Friends

Wasting: my free time on Pinterest...standard

Wishing: for consistently warmer weather....70s and 80s exclusively, please!

Enjoying: looking at our wedding photos (check out my post yesterday for my dress pics!)

Waking: up at 6:30am. Boo...hiss...

Liking: karma
(thanks, Genna)
Wondering: when is the earliest time I can eat lunch without starving by the end of the day?

Loving: my husband (that still sounds so weird to say!) and my besties!

Hoping: to make it to June 25th...last day of work before SUMMER!

Listening: to kids across the hall in the girls bathroom, being silly

Needing: to put together plans for the girls' weekend that my best friend and I were talking about earlier this week. Always good to have fun things to look forward to!

Smelling: umm...nothing right now?

Wearing: comfy clothes because today is Field Day at school!

Following: 141 people on Instagram. Love me some Instagram :)

Noticing: how many awesome girls there are in the blog world (I already knew this, it's good to remind yourself :)

Knowing: how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life

Thinking: about finally having a weekend of freedom, with no obligations (in a week)

Feeling: heartbroken for a friend who had to have her dog put down on Monday. I can only imagine how hard it's been--sending lots of love her way!

Opening: Pinterest....I need a good time-waster :)

Pinning: anything my heart desires (usually quotes/funnies, cute clothes, recipes and home ideas...so, basically everything)

Giggling: at stupid stuff like this (but it's so true!)

{via} I LOL'ed at this one
What are YOU doing??


  1. Such a fun post! Loved how you switched it up a little too!

    Bloggers are definitely the most awesome girls around ;)

    PS - just added you on Insta!

  2. Love this, Jenn! Especially the funny memes! But, what? You guys are in school til June 25th??? That's so late!!! Is it because of all the snow days this year?

  3. Cute post! Do you love your ninja?

  4. I love all of these, but especially poop eyes. I wish i got into pinterest, I just haven't. Strange I know. House decor is so fun and exciting. Just so expensive! i am re-purposing tons of stuff right now in J and I's place. Nothing some paint can't redo! xoxo


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