5 on Friday

Another week, another 5 on Friday. Ya ready??

{1}-Another Wedding
Happy wedding weekend, Kelly and Josh!
Have you heard me talk about weddings enough here yet??? Well that's because it has been wedding season BIG TIME around these parts--between mine, the wedding drama couple's, and now MG's cousin. We'll be up in PA (again) to celebrate their nuptials! And after this weekend, we FINALLY have a free weekend to ourselves! (and no more weddings until July and then September--yay Bree!)

{2}-Teacher Appreciation
As a resource teacher (speech therapist) teacher appreciation week usually sucks. It's just a reminder that you're not as "appreciated" as the classroom teachers in your building, despite the fact that you see 50+ kids, multiple times a week. It's actually kind of depressing. Last year my school did a great job of honoring the resource teachers, but this year I'm paired up with 6th grade and they haven't really done anything. Obviously I'm not in my job for the gifts (and certainly not for the money) but it would be nice to be appreciated by even SOME of the kids/kids' parents who I work with on a regular basis, with something small, or even just a card.

{3}-Thank You Cards
ARE DONE! Less than a month after the wedding and we've gotten all of our thank you cards written, addressed and sent out, thank you very much! (pun intended) There was a slight lull in our writing them due to having to order more that had our wedding photo on it, but even still, we got them done. MG was a good husband and wrote out his fair share, too (I've got a good one, ladies!) I'm really glad we completed them quickly so that people know that we got their gifts and how appreciative we are!

It is something so little, but whenever MG texts me or randomly says 'wife' in his everyday speech, it makes me smile. Yesterday I reminded him of something via text and he wrote back "thank you, wife"....I love that he's using it without prompting--shows me he likes saying it, too :) Seriously, something so so tiny, but it brightens my day tons!

Christy over at Planes, Trains and Running Shoes and I have been trying and trying to get a blate scheduled since before my wedding and we finally have a date set for next week! We've been following one another for a while now and it's gonna be so fun to finally meet up in person. I'm sure there will be lots of wedding talk since she's in the midst of planning hers. Can't wait to meet you, Christy!!

Hope you have a happy Friday and a fun-tastic weekend, lovies!!


  1. Love those thank you cards!! Nice job on getting them done so quickly!

    And I'm with you - I cannot wait until I hear JC utter the word wife when talking about me/to me.

  2. Love that pic on the cards! And wow you are a wedding wonder woman.

  3. The thank you cards look great!! Aww I'm so jealous you'll get to hang out with Christy!! Have a great time :) And have fun at the wedding this weekend!!

  4. What is blate?
    Sucks about the lack of appreciation. I appreciate you!

  5. Love your thank you cards!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! =) Look at you getting your thank you cards done so quickly!

  7. I hear ya, I feel like all I do on the blog is talk about others' weddings or my own, 2014 is a crazy year for it!

  8. I'm so impressed with your thank you note writing!! And love love LOVE your thank you cards!

  9. Your thank you cards are beautiful, Jenn! Love them! Hope you're enjoying your weekend:)

  10. Your thank you cards are so pretty! We should have done something like that. Oh well. Suuuuper jealous you're finished with yours already - I've barely started!

  11. Good for you getting your thank you cards done so quickly!

  12. I still get giddy when Will says 'my wife', so I totally get it!


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