Feeling... tired and just ready for the school year to be done! 4 more school days after today! Wooohooo!!!

Reading...nothing right now which is a big bummer. Since finishing my last book and moving, I haven't picked up a new book yet. I think the next one is gonna be Orphan Train since I've heard good things about it!

Drinking...water now, and later tonight, some adult beverages at a happy hour with a friend from work. Can. Not. Wait :)
Eating... lunch with a student and another teacher today (plus 3 of her friends), as a reward. She is SO excited about it, she kept telling me yesterday that she can't wait for lunch today--it really is the little things!

Watching... I mean, do you even have to ask? Bravo Bravo Bravo. Duh :)
And season 2 of Orange is the New Black--I think I'm about half way through and I dont want it to end!! (Speaking of, if you like the show, check out this Buzzfeed article with surprising facts about OITNB)

Missing... my besties. I got so used to seeing them on a monthly basis (and sometimes every week or every other week) leading up to the wedding. We need a girls' trip soon!

Anticipating... summer break so that I can tackle some projects around the house. I have some great ideas (ask my friend, Shay--she's well aware of all of my "plans" since I'm constantly bothering asking her opinion on decor, paint colors, etc haha). Not to mention summer travel plans! Vacays here I come! :)

Wishing for... a weekend of delightful weather with the hubby and some of our good friends! And hopefully a pedicure.

Loving... that I've cleansed my life of people who aren't deserving of being my friend. People who have told lies or talked about me behind my back, and despite being there for them, weren't capable of sharing in the exciting things that are happening in my life. I've realized that I'm far better off with my close, amazing and supportive friends, than the fair-weather, fake ones. Lots more room for all of the awesome things and people already here, and the ones making their way in! :)
So far, so good! 

Happy Thursday, lovies!


  1. 4 days, yay! You can do it, sweet girl! Enjoy your weekend. And so proud of you for weeding the negativity out of your life - ain't nobody got time for that:)

  2. Sounds like life is good! Yay for only 4 more days. Hang in there!!!

  3. Sometimes you just need to cut people who aren't adding to your life in a positive way loose. I know when I've done it I felt sooo much less stressed!
    Also, I'm obsessed with Bravo. Ladies of London is my newest thing. Have you seen it?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Love this idea, I was needing a little inspiration for today's post. And I especially love the last part-- currently doing the same!!

  5. too cute that your student got to eat lunch with you as a reward

  6. We have so much fun talking house decor for you and baby stuff for me! What am i going to do when school is over? You will still have to come on IM everyday. hehehe...

  7. oh bravo all the time all the way!!

  8. HERE HERE on the loving line. finally. I'm glad you did it. stop wasting your energy on losers.
    I really like orphan train. I didn't know it was a real thing until I read the book (and then read about the trains on the internet).


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