Wedding Wednesday: Reception (Part 1)

Our reception for the wedding was awesome! The space looked exactly how I had always wanted (even with those ugly yellow chairs), but didn't know that it could be so nice based on our budget. It turned out beautifully!
The purple uplighting MADE the room and I'm so glad that we did it:

 Our head table with our purple Waterford toasting flutes:
 The centerpieces for the tables:

At 6:30, the doors opened, everyone took their seats and our bridal party made their entrances, which were planned about 1 minute before they walked out:
Our flower girls and singer

Crystal and Kev walked in and swung the ring bearer (his son)...who really enjoyed it based on the look on his face:

Trish and Adam walked in, twirled each other and took a selfie:

Annie and Joe walked in and did the model/photographer:
Lisa and Andy did the tango in the room...out of the room...and then back into the room:
Our niece/nephew (junior bridesmaid and groomsman) came in on a piggy back:

and our Maid of Honor and Best Man came in doing the wheelbarrow which was hilarious watching them from behind...and really funny to see in the pictures:
Then it was our turn!

And we went into our first dance, Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

I absolutely adore these pictures. Getting to dance with my husband for the first time, to a song that expresses exactly how we feel about one another, was priceless.
NC Belle in BootsNext time I'll finish up the reception with the toasts, our parent dances, cake cutting and dancing the night away!Wedding Wednesday


  1. Loooove these pictures. Cute post today! Never even noticed the chairs were yellow!

  2. Oh wow the pictures of you two dancing are lovely! How will you choose which one to frame?! :) Seriously so beautiful!

    The purple uplighting looks fantastic, and all of your touches are incredible, especially matching that beautiful and bold color of your bridal party!

  3. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous venue!!

  4. The entrances were so cute!! And watching how in love the two of you are was priceless! xoxo

  5. ahhh your wedding party looks like a blast! too fun and pretty!

  6. The purple uplighting is gorgeous. Your wedding party looks like they are a lot of fun. And you two look so happy while you are dancing :-)

  7. So fun!!! I love the purple and the lighting was beautiful

  8. Catching up on blogland now that I am back at it post wedding/honeymoon! How gorgeous are these look so blissfully happy!!!! Xxxx.

  9. Love all of these pictures, but that last one - oh em gee. Every girl deserves a picture like that :)

  10. I love your centerpieces! Where did you find those candle holding thingies?


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