Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Party pics

This Wedding Wednesday post, I'm gonna show you pics of our wedding party and some group shots! (And since you all said you didn't mind lots of pictures in my last post, here you go.....)
Wedding Wednesday
NC Belle in Boots

These are the beautiful ladies who were my part of the wedding party, and an integral part of keeping me sane during the whole process! 
 My beautiful maid of honor, Genna:
 MG's (and now my) niece, Grace, who was our Junior bridesmaid (despite the fact that she was taller than most of the ladies in our bridal party lol)
 My college roommate turned life-long friend, Trish:
 My friend since 6th grade, Crystal:
the dresses aren't actually this blue in the real pictures--Blogger is turning them bright blue for some reason :(
 MG's oldest sister, Lisa:
 MG's middle sister, Annie:
And then the rest of our super-cute nieces! Amanda was our candle bearer/singer, and Alyssa and Jill (my nugget) were our flower girls:

MG's groomsmen consisted of his friend from elementary school, his brother in law, HS friend (who was his best man/best friend), his friend from work, and his other brother in law. And his nephew was our junior groomsman:

We also had THE cutest ring bearer in the history of ever:
He and his younger brother definitely stole the show at the reception...but we'll get to that in another post (trust me, it's worth it!)

And here are just a few peeks of some of our group shots:

love this handsome man :)
And then some fun shots of the whole group:
 Every time I look at this series of photos, I find something else that makes me laugh:

We had SUCH a good time taking these pics, and looking back at them all, it always makes me smile :)
We are so lucky to have such amazing family and friends in our lives!


  1. Was such a fun wedding and your bridesmaids were so cute and fun!

  2. Love your pictures - everyone looks so gorgeous! :)

  3. Love love LOVE! You had a good looking bridal party!

  4. that purple might be the perfect shade of purple. so pretty!

  5. so fun! the pics are awesome!

  6. I am so loving allll of these photos!! And your bouquets were amazing!!

  7. Loving these - everyone just looks so radiantly happy in every picture:) SO weird that Blogger turned the dresses blue in some photos - not just blue, but bright blue! In some, they're the right color purple, but some are just blue, blue, blue. So odd! Either way, they look great:)

  8. great pictures! fun times.

  9. Great pictures, Fun Times :)

  10. Love the pictures! Your photographer was so good!

  11. Goodness you are beautiful! Your photographer took lovely photos!

    I also love the color of the dresses and ties. So bold and beautiful! The flowers are fabulous as well!!!

  12. Your wedding party looked SO elegant! I love the colors y'all chose {glad ya'll stuck to your guns on them}, and everyone looked like they had so much fun!


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