Who Has the Time/Whyyy? Pt 2

Remember when I posted about random stuff on Pinterest, that at first might seem cool, but upon further thought, it's really weird/strange or totally un-doable?

Having spent a decent amount of time on Pinterest, I've found more gems to entertain you with, so let's get to Part Two...this one has a more "outdoor" theme. All of these were found during a random "Everything" search on Pinterest.
Whyyyyy would you want this in your home? There are very few times (read: none) I've thought to myself "I wish I had a bird's nest to lay on in here". Also, those eggs do NOT look comfortable. At all.
The original caption on this was: "how to make garden fairy houses, pixie towers, and toad homes"
How many fairies and pixies do you know that need houses and towers?? Whyyy?
But then I saw this, with the caption "Fairy garden by..."
and realized that maybe there ARE more fairies who need homes than I ever knew about.
Someone should tell Dateline.

This just grosses me out. I understand the concept, but the idea of carrying around booze in my shoe....no. Just no.
Apparently a lot of people have some interesting garden ideas floating around on Pinterest...
This just seems like a complete waste of flower pots. Not to mention, it's really creepy.
And another.....
I'd rather donate my old jeans than have them lined up on my porch like this. So. Weird.
Just buy a bird feeder. A regular old bird feeder. What is this even about??
I don't get it.
There was literally one day on Pinterest where all of these things popped up--I had NO idea there were so many WEIRD outdoor/garden-themed ideas out there...
Have you found anything interesting like these on Pinterest? Did you know that there are a ton of fairies and pixies without homes?? :)


  1. Bahahaha. Those jeans! People are crazy....

  2. I had to stop at the flip flop. Wtf?! Lol. Can't they just carry their booze in their bras like normal ppl?

  3. Oh gosh. The egg. The alcohol shoe. The feeder. The fairies???? I know everyone is different, but some people are just plain strange!

  4. Bahaha I love these posts that you do :)


  5. Bahhaha! Alert the press, fairy invasion!

  6. I do have to say...that first "fairy house" looks like a great hideaway for a spare key! Everything else...ridiculous.

  7. hahaha omg... WHAT? people are so weird!

  8. Haha too funny...I come across so many things on there like that that I see.

  9. wait, you don't have toad homes in your backyard?!?

  10. these were all just completely ridiculous! hahahaha...


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