Hey, Friday!

Oh Heyyyyyy, Friday! How you doin'?

{1}-Home Home Home
We are FINALLY going to be home this weekend. No long car trips, no living out of a suitcase....also, no beaches or hanging with friends ON a beach, but that's ok (we already have plans to hang out with a couple friend of ours tonight).
We get to take advantage of a FULL weekend to get work done on the house. I think we're gonna try and finish the last coat on the deck and hopefully tackle painting the kitchen. Which means I need to seriously figure out what color paint to use!
Speaking of paint colors....

{2} -Picking paint colors sucks
It's fun, yes, but I can't "see" how it all works on the wall sometimes. Sample paint colors have definitely been my friend (or foe, depending how you look at it), but even on the wall I can't fully visualize how it's gonna look totally painted. I don't wanna make a wrong decision and have to re-do it all!
I've already gone through several different ideas for the kitchen (and the whole main floor)...I think I know what I want to do now....I'd better get the paint on the wall before I change my mind again! ;)

{3}-Two Dots
It's an app/game. Have you heard of it? I can't even remember where I saw it, but it's a challenging little game that I'm addicted to, and have been since the beginning of June. If you need a new 'thing' to kill some time, get this one (and you don't have to bug your friends to be friends or do stuff like with some other apps). You can't kill TOO much time all at once on this one since you only have 5 lives at a time. And some levels, those go quickly. It's tricky and fun!

{4}-4 year old birthday (yes I purposely saved #4 for this haha)
MG and I are going to the birthday party for the cutest little 4 year old girl this weekend. She's the daughter of the people who were renting the house we moved into, and we've become friends with. Looking forward to celebrating the cutie and spending time with her parents :)

Yesterday started gloomy and humid but by the evening it was so nice out....MG and I met up with our friends who live around the corner from us to play some Top Golf. As always, these two are so fun to hang out with, and to top that off, we even got a really pretty, cotton candy, sunset:

(It got more cotton candy-like as the sun kept on setting).
I think today is supposed to be nice as well which is just how I want to start the weekend!

Hope your weekend is as fun/relaxing/productive as you want it to be!
Catch ya later, gators!


  1. woohoo for deciding on colors! now hurry and get to painting and stay off pinterest (i.e. don't get any more ideas) until you at least 3/4 have it done!

  2. Gorgeous sunset! Good luck with painting!!! I need pics soon!

  3. I'm a sucker for phone games, going to have to try that one out! I've been playing Candy Crush for years.. and I'm not even ashamed just a bit! ;)

    Saying hi from the linkup!

  4. i wish we had top golf here in jerz, looks so fun! though, not sure if i could swing a golf club these days!
    and yes, pick a paint color and just go with it! hahahaha, im sure it will look good, you have good taste!

  5. Totally downloading that app/game! Thanks for including it.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh, paint colors! My husband and I just bought our first house...we move in on Sunday. While I'm definitely looking forward to the home improvement projects, I have such a hard time making decisions and seeing how everything will fit together. It's a tough one sometimes!

    Have a lovely Friday!

  7. I love all those colors and I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong!!!

  8. Can't wait to see your house makeover! And omg-- after being busy and gone for several weekends in a row, I was so glad that we had kind of a lazy weekend this weekend. Hope you're enjoying yours! :)

  9. I could never decide on pretty wall colors, so we ended up doing the same boring beige on EVERY single wall. Lame. Good luck!! :)


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