Weekend Highlights

My weekend highlights included:

-finally deciding on a color for the kitchen walls....and another trip to Home Depot (along with several texts between my friends and I for opinions! Thanks Genna, Emily, Shay, and Lynn!!!)
(now do you see why I know pretty much every person who works in the paint department??)
-Friday date night to our favorite pizza spot near our old place

-picking up some delicious cheeses at Cheesetique (young manchego, get in my belly!)

-sanding, cleaning and painting the walls of the kitchen
Still need to do the cabinets, so you can't see that part yet :)
-finishing the deck staining/painting 

-Double date dinner: Mussel Bar; yummy dinners, a bottle of wine, french fries to share, outdoor seating....perfection
-Sunday errands

-buying a new chandelier/light fixture for our dining room (pics on that to come!)

-getting lots of compliments on my new handbag

-4 year old birthday party at the couple's new place who rented our house before we moved in
look how cute the back of her invitation is!
-Noodles and Co dinner with friends who are renting our condo from us now and...

-finally checking out the movie theater by our new place (really nice!), seeing Wish I Was Here with our friends (good movie, more emotional than I expected it to be)

-puppy cuddle time!

What were your highlights from the weekend?

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  1. Love how the color turned out!! and where is that purse from? me need!!

  2. I love the color - sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday! :)

  3. Aw, the kitchen turned out great! Can't wait to see once the cabinets are painted! Fun weekend home!

  4. Wow...you were busy.

    I vacuumed our fridge, because of the water on the floor.
    There was a lot of dust, but it's still leaking.
    Thinking we need another fridge.
    Hoping our landlord decides so too.

    Visiting from MM

  5. sounds like a good weekend! glad you decided on your paint

  6. love that paint color your chose for the walls!

  7. love the new wall colour - looks great. and your bag is gorgeous

  8. The paint looks great! I loved painting and making our house our own when we first moved in. Your new handbag is very nice. Love Noodles and Co.! Love Cooper. He remind me of my Scout!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Your kitchen looks fantastic! And hahaha-- what a cute invitation!

  10. Sounds like an awesome weekend. You got a lot done :) The kitchen and patio look great. And love that bag!

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)


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