Guilty Guilty Guilty!

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Like many others, I'm linking up for TotalSocial today, talking about Guilty Pleasures!

Duh. He's the sweetest pup ever, and I love his little personality, wiggly tail, obsessive licking, and overall adorable-ness. I wouldn't trade him for the world because he's the best dog ever.

{2}-Reality Tv
I've talked about this several times, but I can't help it. Not ALL reality tv, but I have been known to get sucked into new reality shows (Jersey Belle, anyone?) when they pop up. Most things Bravo are my guilty pleasure for sure. 

{3}-Online Shopping
I love looking for good deals, and I find some great ones online. Is it always perfect? No. Do I end up returning a lot of stuff? Sometimes. But, when I know a store, and my general size, I usually do pretty well (hello, Loft!) I'd rather buy it online, and know they have my size than risk them not having it in the store. This is especially true since I don't have a Loft super close by to just stop into (if I did, that would be another story).

{4}-Comfy t-shirts
For as long as I can remember, my mom would always tease me about how many shirts I owned. I love me a good t-shirt. A comfy one to lounge around the house in, or cute enough to go out in (but still comfy). Sign me up. Target t-shirts fit this bill for me, and Ive been known to buy a handful in different colors. (If you don't believe me, just look in my dresser!)

They just feel SO GOOD, and they make your feet look so pretty. I love them. Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, I will get a pedicure when I'm feeling like I want/need one. Plus, the little massage chairs aren't a bad deal either.
Speaking of which....:)

{6}-Morning Coffee on the Couch
I don't NEED coffee in the morning. I like it. And I really like having a cup of coffee, in the morning, sitting on the couch, and relaxing. It's my favorite way to start a morning, but usually only get to when on vacation or the weekends.

{7}-Reading on my Kindle
(especially with a little puppy cuddles, too!)
I love zoning out to a good book. And I love that I can take my Kindle anywhere and read whenever I want. Out on the deck? Yes please. Standing in line at the DMV? Sure! Waiting for an oil change? Yep! Sitting on the beach? Oh, definitely!
I love a good book, and I love reading, escaping into different stories and characters, no matter where I am.

Those are some of the main ones I could think of. I'm sure there are tons more.
What are some of your guilty pleasures?


  1. online shopping always sucks me in!! it's just so fun. and easy to spend money!

  2. Dogs, shopping, coffee, reading...yes to all of these things!

  3. And on that note... i think you've given me a perfectly good excuse as to why I need a pedicure RIGHT NOW!

  4. I'm torn between Kindle vs paper books. I like holding a paper book and being able to flip back if I need to reference something. But a kindle travels a lot better. And you pay less for books.

  5. this is why we are BOFF's... our guilty pleasures are all the same!

  6. comfy tee every day. including the vneck tee i am wearing right now !

  7. Since becoming a mom, online shopping is my most favorite thing ever - for both me and Caleb. Would much rather browse the web than drag my toddler through a store, lol. Now, if I have some time to myself, shopping in person is my absolute favorite:) But time to myself doesn't happen all that often!

  8. There is absolutely nothing guilty about the pleasure of getting a pedicure!

  9. oooh I love online shopping. Man I miss Target T-shirts! (We don't have a Target in South Africa)

  10. I should have put online shopping on my list. We kind of have to online shop here, because the closest mall is 40 minutes away! The guilty part is when I order the wrong thing or size and have to send it back. Hate that!


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