Who Has the Time/Whyyyyy? Part 4

It's been a bit since I did one of my posts about the crazy things I've spotted on Pinterest, and since it's the last week of my summer vacay (and I've had lots of Pinterest perusing time) I figured I'd share some gems with you that I've found...

Not sure who this "doll"would really appeal to.
It kinda creeps me out.

If you don't have a 6-pack, just wear this sweater.
You will surely fool everyone.
Plus, anyone else notice how poorly made this is?
I don't know about you, but I've never gone to my hair dresser and asked for the "1800s" look. No thank you.
And why does the 1800's inspired look seem more out of a crazy futuristic movie?
Either way, no.
Mini sandwiches shaped like books:
Cute idea, but I'd prefer not to eat highlighter on my sandwiches.

Ummm....this next one, I have NO words. Well, ok maybe I have one.

Let me introduce you to Picnic Pants....the pants that prevent you from spilling crumbs between your legs (seriously, that's what the caption said)
They will also prevent you from ever going on a picnic with another living, breathing human, but....
at least no crumbs!

I give this next one creativity points, but again...I don't think I've ever thought "Gee, I wish my eyes looked like cheeseburgers," but if I did, at least I know where to find a prime example:
Anyone besides the Hamburglar hungry now??
It's like dangling a carrot in front of a horse....or....candy behind your head?
Why carry candy in your purse or pocket, when you could wear it?
I would not have the time to do this, nor the will power to resist eating candy.

And lastly, still on the hair front, who wouldn't want to have a pineapple haircut?
Someone's been watching a little too much Spongebob Squarepants!

Hope those gave you a little chuckle :)
Have you found any crazy things on Pinterest lately?
Stay tuned for Part 5, around the bend!


  1. hahahahahahaa, those hoof shoes!!! EWWWWW!

  2. Those hoof shoes? WHY? And the picnic pants? I just can't. I mean, hello. It's called a napkin.

  3. #swag, that hair. I am running out to get a pineapple haircut tomorrow, but I think I'll grow some jolly ranchers in the top.

  4. The hooves make me want to gag!

  5. I usually like/would do at least one of the pins you post, but this time, I agree with you on EVERY one, haha.


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