Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Am.....I Am Not

I saw the idea for this post over at A. Liz Adventure's blog and I couldn't help but thief her idea!

I Am....

....sensitive. Sometimes my feelings get hurt more easily than others or I take things personally when they aren't meant that way.

.....sarcastic. Sometimes you need a little sarcasm to make it through the days (without losing your mind).
.....a people pleaser, and therefore someone who usually is easy to forgive, unless you push me and push me and push me. And even then, sometimes I forgive again.
.....a planner. I like knowing what to expect, so change is harder for me, especially when it's last minute.

.....a reality tv junkie. Duh.

....a puppy lover!

.....someone who finds puns funny. The more stupid, the better :)

I Am Not....

...ticklish. My nieces and nephew find this confusing, and attempt to tickle me almost every time they see me (and continue to be shocked each time that I'm still not ticklish).
.....the life of the party. I'm sociable, but I can be shy when in a group of people, especially new people. This is unlike MG who can be dropped into the middle of a room and be friends with 90% of the people by the end of a night. Or after 5 minutes.

.....a fan of unloading the dishwasher. Or folding laundry.
.....perfect. I can admit my mistakes when I make them, and try to grow from them.
......high maintenance, on most levels. I'm easy-to-please as long as people are nice and treat me with respect, and I can usually get myself ready for something in 15 minutes or less (if I don't have to shower). MG has always been impressed and commented on my non-high maintenance-ness (yes I just made up that word) :)

What about you??


  1. I love your puppy loving, pun loving, non high maintenance self! I too am a people pleaser and can get my feeling hurt easily, and I also hate folding laundry, that is J's job.

  2. I love the pun too, and the sarcasm, and puppies, which is why we are BOFF's... :)

  3. Agree - where's the fold button on my dryer? I would pay BIG money for that!:) And unlike you, I am very ticklish. And hate being tickled, lol!:)

  4. well this is cute. I have high respect for people who know who they are and their faults. here here my friend!


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