Wednesday Confessions

Back to School (work) Edition:

I confess that....

.....I had a pit in my stomach on the first day of work on Monday. I don't know why since it's my 3rd year at this school, but I did.

......even though I could have come in to work at whatever time I wanted yesterday, I still got here before my contract hours 

......I have not been drinking enough water this week. Too busy unpacking and setting up my office, talking with coworkers, or at meetings, and all of a sudden I've barely drank anything.

.....I love that my principals got all of the staff shirts as a back-to-school gift is going to stink wearing BLACK, LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS and jeans on Thursday for the Open House when it's gonna be mid 90s and humid.

......MG made my week, and my first day back at work by sending me flowers at work on Monday. Love him :) you read this, Im stuck at an all-day training. Pity me.
Happy Wednesday! :)
Vodka and Soda


  1. OMG! A million times yes to the staff meetings ecard. Every. Single. Time! Why? Why are we discussing things that will not happen or things that do not matter when we have real problems?!

  2. haha was wondering where you were today. we have pointless work meetings all the time too. what a waste.

  3. That husband of yours is something special. jealous over here.

  4. aw that mg is so nice. you got a good one! I would probably have jitters too on the first day. what's up with your classroom situation. where are you this year?

  5. Congrats on your third year at once place. I have several teacher friends and from my understanding, that's a pretty great milestone!


  6. Sweet, sweet MG. Good man. Hope your first week back at the grind is going well. Can't believe the kids will be back with you next week! Where did summer go???

  7. I always keep a 30 oz water bottle with me now, helps me remember to drink more water! Good luck with the beginning of the school year, my parents are teachers so I know it can be a little crazy at the beginning.


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