Oh Hey, Friday Favorites!

It's Friday, but is it already seriously August??? I can't believe it! I guess time flies when you're out of town most weekends of a month lol

Let's get to some faves this Friday, shall we?

{1}-Favorite Find of the Week
the Skimm

Ok, technically I found it earlier than this week, but I'm sharing it with YOU this week, so it still counts!
This is a great email that comes to your inbox daily during the weekdays and summarizes all of the happenings in the news. My friend who has 2 young kids, recently told me about it and I signed up. It's a quick read and at the end of it, you're informed and caught up on current events happening in the news. Perfect for those on the go, who don't have access to the news all day long.

{2}- Favorite Accomplishment this Week
Finishing painting the kitchen and installing the new light fixture in our dining room!
Bye-bye 80's brass, french horn light fixture!
We still need to paint the dining room and get a new rug, but changing the light fixture alone has really helped this room already.

{3}-Favorite Pins from the Week:
{via} Truth!
{via} I kinda want to print this and frame it :)
{4}-Favorite Activities of the Week:
Officially getting my name changed at the Social Security office--Mrs. MG in the house!! (they should make men GO with women so that they can experience just an ounce of the torture that this can be. And so you have someone to talk with about all of the interesting people there lol) and....
Reading on our deck every afternoon this week for at least an hour!

{5}-Favorite Song of the Week
Trumpets by Jason Derulo 
I heard this one the other day on the radio when I was driving with the windows down and the sunroof open, and I couldn't help but turn the volume up and do some car dancing. Look it up, listen to it...you'll be bopping along soon, too! (not a fan of the video tho...)

If that doesn't launch you into your weekend on a positive note, I don't know what will!
Happy Weekend, loves!


  1. Love that print! You dining room looks gorgeous. Love the new light fixture. What an upgrade! I'll have to check out the Skimm. Seems like a very worth while service!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. it took me years to change my name for that very reason. so obnoxious! also...just signed up for the skim. THANK YOU! love the new light fixture...totally changes the room. and lastly...thank you for linking up!!!

  3. So glad to find your fun space! Have a great weekend!


  4. the light fixture in the dining room looks great! can't wait to see what else you do to the room!

  5. New light fixture looks awesome! Congrats on officially becoming Mrs. MG! :)

  6. I love The Skimm! First thing I do every morning is check my email while I'm in bed and read it. It's a great way to catch up and start the day.

  7. That new light fixture looks great!

  8. The new light fixture makes such a difference! Looks great! I'm sure the 80's were great while they lasted, but just not hanging from your ceiling anymore:)

  9. I love the Skimm! Best way to get my news in the morning! Also loving your new light fixture! We are on the hunt for a new one!

  10. Love your new light fixture!! And yes-- changing your name is such a pain! I still don't have mine changed on everything-- and I probably never will... Lol


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