Weekend Highlights

My weekend highlights included:

-Black and Blue burgers for dinner on Friday night (mmm so delish!)

-sanding, priming and painting our top cabinet doors 
-tree trimming in our backyard

-birthday get together at our neighbor's house

-MG's best friend in town Saturday night

-sushi dinner together (omg the sushi was soooo good) in Old Town

-drinks on our deck

-finishing my book (review coming later this week)

-Sunday errands

-True Detective (one episode left!)

-more cabinet painting (they are looking really good!)
Ok this is actually the priming picture but you get the idea
-removing the bottom cabinet doors to get ready to be cleaned and sanded

-watching the movie Noah

-William Jeffreys Tavern by our old place for dinner (I have leftovers for lunch today and I'm really pumped about it!)

-Our water heater not working...which means calling to hopefully get someone to come and fix it today so I can shower in hot water

Overall, not a super busy weekend with events, but we got a LOT done with the kitchen cabinets and I'm super glad we did this project...I think it's gonna look really good when we're done. Sorry for the lack of pictures this weekend...since a lot of it centered around the cabinets, there wasn't a ton of picture taking.
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  1. cabinets look good so far! can't wait to see it all together!

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed except for the water heater not working, cold showers are NOT my friend, hope it gets fixed today!

  3. now i want sushi! and wish black and blue burgers did you have? did you make them yourself?

  4. Sounds like you got a lot done, sweet girl! It's amazing how much of a difference some paint can make - we just redid a coffee table over the weekend, and I am sitting here admiring it right now. So I bet you guys are LOVING your kitchen cabinet updates!:)

  5. This sounds like a great weekend. Can't wait to see the finished cabinents!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. what are black and blue burgers? A restaurant or a type of burger? Excuse the South African ignorance!

  7. Oh man hope you got your hot water back! Nice job with the cabinets. Hooray for True Detective! The last episode will blow your mind lol

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)

  8. We just redid our kitchen and it was a ton of work. It was so worth it though. Can't wait to see your cabinets :)


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