Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pet Peeves...

....with the comedic assistance of the brilliant and sarcastic minds at someecards! :)

Some of my pet peeves include:

When people don't clear the time off of the microwave when cooking something.
I don't know why this bothers me so much. Maybe it's the annoyance when I look at the microwave for the time and I see :02...maybe it's because when I want to use it, now I have to clear YOUR time before I can cook my food. Whatever it is, it irks me.
When people leave only crumbs of something and put it back. Either finish your eating binge, or leave enough for someone else to have some and feel satisfied. No one wants to eat 3 chips worth of smooshed up crumbs.
When people 'like' every single post someone puts on Facebook, no matter what it is. Status update? Like! Check in at the gym? Like! Check in at a restaurant? Like. Food pic? Like. Generic post? Like. 
like like like like like....
Calm down with the likes, stalker!
When people cancel plans with you and then don't reach out again to reschedule. Just makes you feel like you're not important enough to even be on their radar.
When people have a "holier than thou" attitude, as if everything they do is 100% correct, the end-all be-all, and everyone else's actions should be measured off of theirs. 
When people refuse to put their shopping carts in the cart stall, especially if it's RIGHT by their car.
When people can't get off of their phone when hanging out. It's one thing to take a pic or answer a text here and there, it's another to be on your phone the entire time you're with someone. Why exactly are you here, again?
{via} MP was like this and it drove me NUTS
Bad grammar. Enough said.
Having dishes left in the sink, especially when the dishwasher is a hand-grab away.
Now you have an insight into what to do in order to drive me bananas....please don't use this information against me :)
What are some of your pet peeves?


  1. Yes to the carts left out of the stalls. So rude. And double yes to the texting/phone usage while out with friends. B's little sisters do that all the time and it drives me nuts. Just stay home if you want to interact with everyone solely via your cell phone. Don't bother going out in public!

  2. yes yes yes to all of the above

  3. someone in my office never clears the time on the microwave and it makes me all sorts of ragey! SO RAGEY!

  4. I can't stand people with a holier than thou attitude, they need to step back and stop judging others.
    and yes to the shopping cart thing! so annoying! that's how my last car got dinged!

  5. The microwave things bugs me too! I have no idea why tho! I can't stand people on their phones if you had plans to hang out... esp. at a restaurant!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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