9/11-Where Were You?

It's hard to believe that it was 13 years ago that 9/11 happened.
It was our generation's Pearl Harbor....they say you'll always remember where you were the day it happened.
I was a freshman in college, in my dorm room getting ready for my English 101 class. I was talking on AIM with my mom and all of a sudden she said that someone had flown into the World Trade Centers. I turned on the news to see the second plane hit. And then the Pentagon.

The rest was a blur. I went to my class like I was supposed to and in our small class, we were all talking about what had happened. It was then that I heard about the plane in PA.
Our teacher came into the room, and we told her what had happened. 
I think she thought we were joking or something because she carried on with class as usual (the next class we had, she addressed it with us).

I went to my next class, since things hadn't been shut down yet, which was sociology and at that point, the university had been closed. We sat in class, and my professor put the news up on the big screen in the lecture hall. My boyfriend at the time and I just sat there and watched in stunned silence.

After a while I went back to my dorm. You could see the smoke from the Pentagon from the top of my dorm building (I was in Maryland).

I remember going to a candle light vigil that night, on campus, and being shocked, stunned, in disbelief.

Our whole world had changed in a matter of minutes. Lives were lost. I had friends who had parents in the Pentagon, and other friends who had parents who worked in NYC.

I'm taking this moment today to remember all of the people who lost their lives in the events of that day. 
And to salute all of the members of the fire, police and other rescue teams who risked their lives to save the lives of others.
I pray for the families who lost their loved ones that day.
We will never forget.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I can't believe you could see the smoke from the pentagon - crazy! It was all super scary - esp. for us East Coasters.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. it's so heartbreaking even after all these years.
    I was in class too at UMD and I remember one of my dorm mates (who was from NY) panicking because she couldn't get thru on the phone to her family in NY.

  3. I remember this too. I was only 10 at the time and I was in California so it was a few hours earlier there. I remember just getting out of bed and walking into the living room where my step-dad had the TV on. The first thing I saw was the second plane hitting the WTC tower live. I eventually made it to school later that day where we basically just watched the news all day long. Such a tragic loss. My step-dad's family lived in NY at the time and it was terrifying just not knowing for a while.

  4. I can't believe its been 13 years, its still so fresh in my memory... i'll never forget that my mom had emailed me at work - today is 911, hope you don't have any emergencies. 10 minutes later she was calling me screaming about the first plane hitting... being from nj, i had so many loved ones that were in the city... the emotions of that day will always be so strong...

  5. Still breaks my heart looking at pictures and thinking back on the terror and uncertainty of that day, and the heartbreaking stories that soon followed. Children who've grown up without their mommies and daddies, wives and husbands who never got to kiss each other goodbye, parents who never saw their children again - all because they did what they did every day, and went to work like usual. We will NEVER forget.

  6. high school band room for me. so sad still.

  7. I was getting ready for (middle) school when my dad rushed home from the gym, turned on the TV and we watched. When I got to school everyone was saying this meant war. My young, naive mind was trying to convince myself that it was just an accident. A horrible accident :(
    I will never forget! Or stop being thankful for all who sacrifice for our freedom!


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