Oh Hey Friday Favorites

Oh haaaaaaaay Friday! What's happening? Took you a bit to get here, didn't it?
Well, thank goodness you did, because this girl is ready for the weekend and some
 Friday Faves!
{1} Favorite Friday Event
Tonight my girl friends from work, and our significant others, are all going to see a comedy show together. We've been busting our humps this school year, so it's been nice to have this to look forward to. We're meeting up beforehand at our old condo (where one of the couples now lives) for some pre-show drinks and apps. I'm super glad that I have these girls in my school life and "real" life as friends--they're the best!

{2} Favorite Feel-Good Story
In a world where there are some sucky people out there, especially ones who are supposed to be role models (*cough cough* Ray Rice *cough*), I love a good story about people who use their position to do good. JJ Watt from the Texans befriended a boy with Down Syndrome online, and the kids at the boy's school didn't believe him. So what did JJ Watt do? He made this video, to prove them wrong. Love!

{3} Favorite "Reward"
Remember how earlier this week I said that MG and I decided not to spend any money this month on clothes or things for the house? Well, I found a nice way around that in the form of my cash back rewards from my credit card. Not only did I get a $100 gift card to Home Depot (for a new fancy thermostat that MG's been dying to get), and a $50 gift card to Kohls (you know I can spend that up in a hot second), but I still have $75 left in rewards that I can get. I love spending money without actually spending money (and I kind of love that spending money gives me money in the end, too)! We'll call this a #winwinwin
(P.S. how sad is it that MG's excited about a thermostat? Adult joys, I tell you...)

{4} Favorite Funny Pins


{5} Favorite Weekend Event
BREE'S WEDDING!!! I'm SO excited for my friend--she's one of the nicest people I know, and I love her to pieces. I'm so glad that she's found the guy who makes her happy and I can't wait to celebrate their love. I love being there for my friends and I can't help but be happy for anyone who has found the one they want to be with! Cheers, Bree!!

Side note: Sending happy wedding day wishes to my blog buddy Christy this weekend since it's her wedding, too! I hope that everything goes smoothly and that you love the flowers ;)

I hope you have a snuggle-tastic weekend!


  1. Love "free" money!! Have fun at the wedding!

  2. The dog totally wore it better, lol. And I totally understand where you're coming from on the "joys" of adult life - like thermostats. It's amazing how things change when we grow up, isn't it? Have so much fun celebrating fun times with friends this weekend!

  3. I saw that jj watt video. Very sweet. You see the jennifer lawrence story of her and her down syndrome friend. Heart melting

  4. I love that Who Wore It Better... hahahaha! The comedy show and wedding should both be fun. Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Free money is the best money! I love gift cards!

    Comedy shows is one of my favorite things to do! Everyone could use a laugh!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Free money just rocks!!!
    Hope you have an incredible weekend :)

  7. That money back from rewards credit cards is so awesome, isn't it? That's why we use our credit cards for all the big purchases we have to make.

  8. lovely post!


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