Today, I confess that.... took me almost the whole day on Sunday to recover from my friend Bree's wedding

.....I'm a little in disbelief (and some anger) that my school district, which hasn't given me a raise in I don't know how long, all of a sudden is considering changing the start times of high schools, that will cost 5 MILLION dollars....where's that money been while I've been scraping pennies???

....I can't wait to meet this little pup this weekend....oh, and see the rest of my in-laws too hehe!

......I may have figured out why Cooper's had seizures the last 3 years--and it's something totally common that dogs take

.....I'm bordering on fury that my vets never ONCE mentioned this as a possible cause

.....I've been an oxymoron every morning this week (no, I didn't say moron, although that might be true, too), because I left my house in flip flops, wearing a jacket and then putting on my seat warmer in my car. I blame it on the transitioning weather :)

.....I've been having flashbacks to Cooper's seizure on Friday because it was SO intense--and I've been loving up on Cooper in extra amounts.

....I love post-its

......this license plate made me smile the other morning on my way to work
"Kidilac" ex (who I happened to write about yesterday) requested me on LinkedIn on Monday. Uhhh, whyy???

...Yesterday I wore white pants after Labor Day....insert gasps and hands covering mouths now.
I'm trying to trick myself into believing that Summer isn't over yet
....seeing the 4D pictures of my online bestie'sbaby yesterday melted my heart! I can't wait for him to get here!!!
What are your confessions today??
Happy Wednesday! :)
Vodka and Soda


  1. give coop an extra hug for me! or let him get in a couple extra licks on your leg for me.

  2. Hopefully you get to help Cooper out with his seizures.
    Those white pants look awesome - so what if you wore them a little later than recommended!

  3. Awwww! i can't wait for him to get here too! And yes, extra loving on lil coopey boy is a MUST. i would be furious about your findings as well. and the ex? turd alert! LOL!

  4. poor Cooper. I feel ya on the weather transition. I am still in short sleeves, but have a sweater in the office and then wrapped a huge blanket around me last night.

  5. Awww the new puppy is so cute. He was really cool markings. Glad your getting stuff figured out with Coop!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. What a cute, cute puppy! I'm sorry about your you mind me asking what it is? I read something the other day about Trifexis, which we have our dog on but we are considering switching (a. b/c what I read b. because we have a hard time getting him to take it).

  7. I have never, ever understood the no white after labor day rule, good for you for fighting the man! I hope your pup gets to feeling better!!


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