I had another post that I was going to put up today but then this morning happened.

I was driving to work, about a block from my school when I saw ahead a little figure in the middle of the road. Then I realized it was rolling. And then I heard the scream.

A boy on his way to middle school on his bike, had just gotten hit by a truck.
I immediately pulled over and went over to where he was--which was luckily already surrounded by adults. He was able to tell his phone number and his name, so parents were called along with an ambulance.

Meanwhile, all of these vehicles, that had been there when I was, were just driving by.
A child was just hit by a TRUCK....his bike is lodged UNDER the truck, and he's screaming in pain. And you don't have a minute to pull over and make sure that he's ok??? I understand if you pulled up after it totally happened...but the same cars that were there when I was just drove off.

What the hell is wrong with people?? What if that was YOUR child? Would you want someone to just drive off? What if it was your sister or brother's kid??

People need to STOP....and THINK.....get out of your own busy head with your appointments or whatever.

I'm sending out prayers to that boy and his family, and I hope that he's alright.
And I'm sending up some prayers for the people who drove off, that they get some clarity in their lives about what's not only important, but the RIGHT THING TO DO.

I'll get off of my soapbox now.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you stopped. I can't believe people just drove on. I'm praying for this boy and his family today.

  2. Wow that's intense. Good thing you stopped!

  3. oh man, that's so scary! you are a good caring person, and that's why you stopped. it's sad to know many people out there are selfish and just don't care about others.

  4. Hope he's alright. Good gracious! People are so thoughtless. Glad you were not one of them - though I know you never would be! Prayers for that child and his family tonight.

  5. How awful - so glad you were there! And it is terrible that more people didn't stop...but, you said you went over to where he was and the area he was in..."was luckily already surrounded by adults." Maybe people kept moving - because it was apparent that people were already there?! I don't just made me think of something my husband and I experienced years ago - we were driving at night and as we were cresting a hill we heard a terrible crash, and as we came over the hill, we saw a terrible car accident. I called 911 and they told me they already had 2 calls (really, only less than 1 minute has passed since we heard the accident happen)...the 911 operator told us to keep moving, that help was on the way - and if we stayed we could/might be in the way.


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