HELP Needed!

No, it's nothing earth-shattering or life-threatening, so don't worry.

But I do need your help!
I'm working with preschool at both of my schools this year and am trying to beef up my preschool supplies and games.
I'm specifically looking for Cranium Cariboo. It looks like this:
Unfortunately, it's discontinued, and the price of these online is kind of insane (much more than I have money to spend with my teacher salary, on a game for work).

A blog that I follow for speech ideas in the schools recommends this game over and over, and says that she often finds them at garage sales, etc for pretty cheap. 

So, what I'm asking of you all is: If you happen to have this game and no longer have a use for it, PLEASE let me know! Or, if your parents or someone you know might have it and not need it....I would gladly take it off of your hands and put it to good use in my therapy with little ones.

Or, if you don't, but happen to frequent garage sales, etc. would you mind keeping an eye out for this for me?? I figure lots of eyes looking for something might be better than just mine :)

It would really help me, and the little guys I work with, with getting a lot more out of our therapy time together, while making it fun and engaging!

I really appreciate your help!


  1. I've been looking for this game, too! Apparently, it's awesome for therapy. The online price really is insane. There's no way I'm going to pay that price. I wish I was in the States to look at garage sales. I hope someone finds it for you!


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