LDW Weekend Highlights

It's the official first day of school today which means that "summer" is over. Boo hiss.

But, before we get into that, I wanted to share my weekend highlights.
This weekend's highlights included:

-impromptu Friday evening painting of the living room 
The back wall is hard to photograph with the windows/sunlight coming in.
The wall behind the desk will eventually have a couple photo ledges with frames, etc 
-mini-date night in between while we waited for the first coat of paint to dry

-Saturday morning surprise chocolate croissant from MG when he got back from a bike ride

-Shopping with my buddy Bree for last minute wedding supplies for her wedding
I found her the PERFECT wedding day accessory....heheheh
-MG taking on the task of cleaning the carpets and rugs in the house (end result: clean and yummy smelling carpets and rugs!)

-Saturday double date with one of our favorite couple friends
-A waiter who gave us seemingly endless free shots of saki (fuji apple is amaaaaaazing)

-Sunday errands

-Buying a basil plant (of which, I'm a little too excited about)
smells soooooo good
-Picking up more house decor
thank you, Home Goods!
-Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 

-Sunday dinner with my parents

-Getting wedding photo canvases (a present from my mom--love her!!), one of which has already taken up residence in our living room
-Finishing the gallery wall in the kitchen (tutorial on this coming soon--sooo easy!)

-Top Golf with our friend Kurt on Monday

-Dinner date with our friends Ricky and Suzanne in DC Monday night

-Watch Louis CK stand-up on HBO to unwind for the night

So, as you can see, it was a productive, fun- and friend/family-filled weekend. 
The house is really feeling like it's coming together now, which I absolutely love.
This long weekend actually felt like a long weekend which was really nice.

And now that the nostalgia of the weekend has been relived, I guess I should get to seeing my kiddies for the first day of school :)
Happy Tuesday, friends!!


  1. Love the wall color! Great job picking it out. :)

  2. The house is coming together so nicely! So excited to see the whole thing done. You always have such fun weekends and I do things like sleep and work. Hope this week is a great first real week for you at school. xoxo

  3. Your weekends are always so jammed pack and sound like a lot of fun. Good luck on your first day of school!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Wow the living room and kitchen Gallery looks great!

  5. sounds like a great weekend, the living room looks great!

  6. We have fresh basil too and it makes all the difference for pizzas/pastas. Yum!


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