Oh Hey Friday Favorites!

Haaaaaaapppy Friday!!!!
Another week in the books, and another weekend to look forward to ahead!
Here are some of my favorites from this week:

{1}-Favorite Weekend "event"
My little nugget is growing up so fast!!! :(
MG and I are making our way up to Philly this weekend to see his family (we haven't been up there in a really long time since this summer was insanely busy). Not only do we get to see everyone--including my little nugget, Jill,--but we get to meet Burton, the newest puppy member of the family!
I hope he's prepared for the mega amount of snuggles and belly rubs he's about to get!!

{2}- Favorite Work Accomplishment
I've been working super hard this year to get myself in super organized shape. This week I did an overhaul of all of my filing cabinets, got my current files in order, placed an order for some supplies to help, and I'm feeling SO much better prepared for the school year. Which is huge since I'm split between two schools this year. Every little bit helps!

{3}-Favorite Realization
I realized that this month my credit card bill will not be higher than $700. That is the lowest it's been in I don't know how long (if ever)! MG's and my month of no spending on house or clothes (plus some gift cards we've had) has really helped out! Now, I just need payday to get here!

{4} Favorite Pins of the Week
{via} this one made me chuckle the other day
{via} Seems like lots of people went there!
{5} Favorite New Meal
Remember how I said I hadn't tried anything new in the kitchen in a while? Well, I broke that record and tried making sweet chili thai chicken the other night. And....it was a hit!! Stay tuned for the yummy recipe!

I hope your weekend is comfy-cozy and stress-free!

Happy Friday!


  1. That dog is cute, and I love the stupid/dead pin. HILARIOUS!! Have a good week!
    Visiting from Oh Hey, Friday.

  2. Congrats on the cc bill! I really need to work on mine. I have 2 & they are both too high. I'm trying to get one paid off first so I can take that payment & put it on the other one.

  3. have fun with the sweet pup! those pins are hilarious!

  4. Ya on the cc bill! That chicken looks delish can't wait for the recipe since I have not cooked since i started the new job.

  5. Congrats on your bill! We are trying not to spend a lot right now too, and it's so hard! :)

  6. New Reader! Congrats on that CC bill...I make it a fact not to spend money, ever. Sometimes I succeed...sometimes I end up at Target.
    Beardy Heart Beauty


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