Sometimes.....I like to lay on the couch, in total silence, and read my Kindle.

Always.....if I'm laying down, I get sleepy (and might take a nap). Every. Single. Time.
{via} feels like some friendships are overwhelmingly one-sided

Always....I have my best friends who call or text regularly to check on me, cheer me up, share random stories/funnies, or just to chat!

Sometimes....I wish I didn't work in the school system. The pay stinks, the demands and parents can be more overwhelming each year, but...

Always....working with  kids, seeing their smiling faces every day, watching them make progress, makes me think I could never leave this job.

Sometimes.....I daydream about telling people how I REALLY feel about them.

Always....I take the 'higher road' and keep it to myself (but those daydreams sure do help lol)

Sometimes.....I get nervous thinking about the future

Always....I know that with MG, we'll be a-okay #lovethatman


Sometimes.....people talk about me behind my back (and sometimes I find out about it)

Always....I  remind myself that that person is just insecure with themself if they have to spend their time talking about me (especially when it's about things that have nothing to do with them)

Sometimes.....Cooper is a silly pup

Always....I love him to pieces

Sometimes.....I get nervous doing new things.

(Almost) ends up being really fun and I'm glad that I did it.

Sometimes.....people make me roll my eyes at stupid things they say or do

Always....I just laugh and "shake it off....shake it off" (yeah T Swift!)...or I text my best friends about it later haha

Sometimes..... I wish I could re-live my wedding and the fun events leading up to it.

Always.....I look back at the pictures and videos and revel at how lucky I am to have all of the amazing people who are in my life :)


  1. I love all of these. I always think about telling people what i really think, but am too scared. I hate confrontation. Ah to relive a wedding. oh wait.... I get to. LOL. xoxo sweet friend and yes, MG is a keeper.

  2. This is such a cool post. I love the pic of Cooper. Being a teacher can be so challenging, but I think you have a great heart for it!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Sometimes you just have tell people how ridiculous they are. Cute post. Although im wonDering about those 1 sided friendships

  4. Aww, love these! Can we photoshop me into that bachelorette pic so i could go back and celebrate all the fun times with my BOFF? :)

  5. Love this idea for a post! I have lots of things I would really like to say people too but keep it to myself. Haha!


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