Weekend Highlights

This weekend went by in a blur--I can't believe it's already Monday! Luckily this weekend gave me lots of fun stuff to get me through the Monday morning blues.

My weekend highlights included:

-Friday night 'dinner party' with our friends Mike and Wendy.

-MG made grilled pizzas (soooooo yum!)

-I made my feta dip (always a huge hit), and have determined that The Perfect Pita makes the absolute best hummus ever (and eating it with cucumber slices is perfect)

-Getting to put some wedding gifts to use:

-Our brother-in-law staying for the night, on his way to get their new puppy

-Saturday errands

-Cuddling on the couch with Coop

-getting in some good quality time with my Kindle

-Dinner out  at Cava with our new friends who rented our house before we bought it

-Flaming cheese (if you've never had it, you need to!)
mmmm my mouth is watering just looking at it :)
-An encounter with 2 drunk guys, one of whom fell over in the middle of the street....twice. On his own.

-After dinner drinks at Circa

-Sleeping in on Sunday (and sleeping for 10 hours! I never do that!)

-The most perfect weather on Sunday

-Watching the first games of the season at a friend's birthday party/football get-together (too bad my Skins lost, but at least the Cowgirls did too!)
At least one of us has a winning team!
-Pics and videos of the new puppy, Burton, along with some FaceTime sessions. (He's pretty much the cutest thing ever!)

 I'm super excited today, too, that I'm the featured blogger over at Monday Morning Gossip!!!

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  1. The new puppy is cuteness, you should have tried to keep him!

    The pizza looks so yummy, and I am very curious about the flaming cheese, I've never seen or heard of that before, but really cheese is never bad.

    Happy Monday!

  2. cooper is such a cutie. and now i want flaming cheese! i had it like a year ago!

  3. His new puppy is so cute and I love the name! I also need to try that flaming cheese...wow. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! xo
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  4. That pizza and flaming cheese look so yum! And Burton is adorable!!

  5. that pizza + feta dip looks SO good!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. That pizza looks delish! Glad you guys had a good weekend - and yay for putting some wedding gifts to use. That's always fun!:)

  7. Hahahaha... drunk people are so fun to watch. I love you little Coop and I'm obsessed with Burton! Have a great week!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Yay puppies and that cheese looks too die for.

  9. woohoo to being featured blogger!

    grilled pizza? never would have thought of that! and flaming cheese? holyawesome!

  10. Oh my goodness - those puppies are too cute! Makes me want to get another one - haha. And those pizzas look amazing and now I'm totally craving it for lunch :)

  11. What a fun weekend! I want grilled pizza in the worst way now. Lovely to meet you, I just found out about your blog from Join the Gossip and I'm loving it!

  12. Sounds like a great weekend! I love feta so my mouth is watering. You should post the recipe ;) And Burton looks just like a fluffy Snoopy! Cute!

    Thanks for supporting MMG. Happy to have you!

  13. Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute! And so is Coop! :)

    Umm what is this feta dip that you speak of? I love feta. Mmmmm. Your grilled pizza sounds good too! I don't know that I have ever had any grilled.

  14. That was a jam packed weekend but sounds like a blast
    Flaming Cheese...is that a place to eat or a food?


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