Weekend Highlights!

Boy did this weekend fly by in a blur!
You'll see why once I share my highlights from this weekend with you.
My highlights included:

-Reading on the deck after work on Friday since the weather was incredible

-Not really a highlight, but Cooper had an intense seizure on Friday early evening. It was the worst one he's ever had. Luckily he was fine after everything and back to himself quickly, but it was a scary moment for both of us.

-Drinks at our old condo with our friends

-Seeing a comedy show late Friday night with my friends from work and our significant others

-Laughing so hard my cheeks hurt

-Getting followed on Twitter by one of the comedians from the show the next morning

-Praying away the rain from the morning....

-My friend Bree's wedding: ceremony, group pic and a parade from the ceremony site to the reception which happened to be through a street fair that was going on (so cool!)
 -Cocktail hour, signature drinks (yum!), Moroccan touches, table 6, reconnecting with old friends, and selfies!
-My hubby whispering the sweetest thing to me during the reception and making my heart melt (love him!)

 -The cutest cake (and super yummy too), a surprise dance for the bride from the groom (so sweet!), and LOTS of dancing to an awesome band!
"Rockin and Mo-roccan" :)
P.S. wasn't she beautiful??? 

The small details that went into this wedding were incredibly beautiful. The reception had to be moved inside last minute because of the weather earlier in the day, but you'd never be able to tell! It was SO pretty--much prettier, tasteful and elegant than some weddings Ive been to that were planned to be inside all along!

-After-wedding drinks at Virtue with the bride and groom and a big group of friends

-Spending Sunday recuperating. Coop was a prime example of what a lot of Sunday looked like:

-Lunch at our favorite spot

-Couch naps

-Watching my Skins pull out a win with a 31 point spread!!!! Woooooo!!!!

-Early to bed

-My blog friend Christy got married this weekend on Saturday, too. She has a beautiful picture up on her blog today from her big day--go take a peek!

What were your highlights from the weekend?

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  1. Again love that dress you wore to the wedding. Looks like a blast and was it weird to see your old place with someone else living in it? Cause it freaked me out when I went to my house...

  2. So glad that Coop is okay, Jenn! How scary. And so glad that you guys had a fun weekend! The wedding pics from IG were so cute - was loving getting to see those. Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding, and super fun:)

  3. looks like a great weekend. congrats to bree

  4. Poor Cooper, other than his seizure, looks like you had a fun weekend!

  5. The wedding looks beautiful! Does Cooper have seizures often? I hope he's OK!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Definitely a packed weekend! Looks like a great time though. Awesome the comedian followed you :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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