Blogtober Day 27: Letter to Younger Me

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*I wouldn't actually include the pictures in this post in my letter to myself, but thought I'd put them in my post to add some interest for you all :)

Dear Younger Jenn,

It may be a bit crazy to you that I'm writing to you from the future, but I am. In 2014 we now have the power of time travel so that's how I'm sending this to you. Just kidding--it's through the magic and power of your blog. "Whats a blog?" you ask? You'll find out eventually that it's a great place for you to be creative, get your thoughts "out", meet amazing people, and connect across miles. It's awesome.

If I'm to give you advice to keep in mind as you go through life, I'd put it into three categories: Family, Friends, and Love. First is family.  Make sure you vocalize just how much you appreciate and love your parents. I know you do, but it's nice to hear it, and your parents are no exception. Spend as much time with them as you can. All those fears you had growing up with an older dad, are for a reason. Call them more than you think to, even if nothing new is going on because they like to hear from you. They'll still always be there when you need them, and have all the answers you need, even when you're grown up, married and have a house. As much as you don't think so now, they know a lot. And, frankly, they're just the best :)

In terms of friends, they will come and they will go, but throughout  everything, you'll realize who the important people are. The ones who check in on you when things are rough, who support you not only during the tough times in your life, but the ones who are over-the-moon excited for you during the big, happy things. You'll continue to learn that even though people don't do things the same way that you do, that it doesn't mean it's wrong, it just means people are different. You won't jive with everyone you meet and you don't have to. Move away from toxic people in your life because you don't need their negativity, pettiness, cattiness, or drama. When you look around afterwards, you'll notice that there's a BIG group of friends still there to support and love you without those other people there. You'll meet some of the most amazing people in the most unexpected of circumstances, and they'll make your life that much better and brighter. And on your wedding day, you'll look around at the amazing girls standing around you and know that you're one of the luckiest girls around because you have some of the best friends in the world.

And lastly, love--you may have already  skipped over everything else at first to read this part, but I put this at the end because just like love, you need patience.  Know that what your mom always told you was true: every relationship and heartbreak WILL get you closer to finding the person who is perfect for you. It might not be on the timeline you had in your head (ok, it won't be), but it WILL happen, and it will happen when it's the right time. He'll be your  biggest supporter, your constant source of laughter, and your best friend. He'll be there when people hurt you, help to put things into perspective for you, and will wrap you up in his arms when you need it--you'll always feel safe with him. You'll get married and buy a house all around the same time, and even if other people who are jealous have comments about it, you two know that everything happens in your timing and was totally right for you--you guys are living your life together, for one another, not for anyone else (always remember that). He will definitely be the best thing to ever happen to you, so make sure that he knows that. Oh, and to top it off, he'll have the best sisters and parents you could have hoped for--in fact, they're pretty much the epitome of what you're hoping your in-laws will be like. And you'll be an aunt to some of the most amazing kids ever, who love you to pieces. Remember how I said before that you were lucky to have your friends and your amazing parents? The same applies to this awesome family/extended family of yours. Always count your blessings :)

Life is pretty fantastic, and definitely worth the bumps in the road to get here. I promise.

Basically, in the end, keep doing what you're doing. Enjoy things as much as possible, try new things even if you're nervous, brush things off that don't deserve to be thought about, and know that everything happens for a reason.

 Your Older Self

P.S. Look into creating something called "Facebook", or "Twitter", around 1998...get ahead of the curve, and then you'll be a gob-zillionaire. I'll send you the details in another letter.


  1. hahaha love the ending- such a cute letter and such a cute concept. I may cry! This is my favorite I think "Life is pretty fantastic, and definitely worth the bumps in the road to get here. I promise." Happy Monday girl! xoxo

  2. Love this. Its amazing how much we worry about things when we are younger and in hindsight can see the clarity our mothers told us would come. So glad you found your dream man and he came complete with the best family. here's to a lifetime of memories more to come and then write to yourself again in 20 years,

  3. what a great letter with great advice! if only we knew how to weed out the fake bitches ahead of time, there would be so much less drama. but i guess we learn these life lessons along the way and that makes it part of the journey... i'm glad in the end, we also find out who our real friends are in the process!

  4. LMBO at the PS. too funny.
    great post and great letter to yourself.
    I think this stuff will still be relevant and important to your future self too.

  5. Aw, I love this! And that P.S at the end! Haha! :)

  6. If we only we could actually send these letters to our younger selves, right? We might save ourselves a whole lot of unnecessary strife and pain. But then again, we may have never ended up where we are now if we hadn't gone through what we had. So, I guess we wouldn't really change anything after all, would we? xoxo

  7. Aw this letter is absolutely have the best descriptions of what family/friends/love are! I wish my younger self could have read this instead of my letter! Loved the P.S. at the end too!

  8. Love everything about this :) You described every category perfectly!!


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